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Covenant in halo vs. the Galactic Empire in Star Wars?

ok, so we know that the Covenant are total bad asses and are extreamly advanced, much like the Star Wars Empire which would win in an intergaltic war just state your opinion

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    OK, so gust say that master chief failed to destroy the ring and that the covenant activated it but to match that power the empire has the death star. Covenant = hunters, hunters= butt kicking,

    cammo elites with energy swords, jackals, grunts, brutes, crappy dumb prophets, black special op elites. the empire has a mass army of clones that get lost in their own ship but a lot are fairly good on the Battle field. star destroyers against the covenant's whitestar say bye-bye to those destroyers.the destroyers have no main cannons but alot of small ones on every side of the of the ship unlike the whitestars which have the power of about three victory class destroyers. so what about the force well I would say if the UNSC joins the empire and the master chief learns the dark side the there would be no reason for a war at all a spartan with the force nothing would stand in his way, nothing!so i see it as a full war the rebellion attempts to team up with those purple-obsessed freaks(covenant) they, the rebels, wold just way the covenant down but the most likely thing to happen is the covenant won't team up with them and sits the round out and the empire accepts the UNSC chief learns the dark side no more war no more rebels no more power hungry covenant so from that point of view the UNSC Empire

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      bro you really have no idea what you are talking about.

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    considering the turbo laser on a star destroyer has the power to destroy a unsc frigate in one shot. Most ships in the Imperial Navy have these and the type 2 star destroyers have 8 turrets with 8 guns each. so whoever the best answer guy is really did not know star wars. shielding can block almost anything. projectiles give them problems.

    the covenant has to power down shields to fire. that could be a problem for them. such as in halo fall of reach. weapons eat through metal and ground units will just destroy the empire. elites have great tactics and will overpower lousy storm troopers. only then the Imperial navy would grind them into dust. from orbit after taking out the covie fleet. yes the covie ships have the glassing beam. they have ships bigger then the executor stardestoyer. they also have more of them.

    every covie ship has that neck part in the mid. concentrated fire will end it. leader ship plays the final roll

    the empire wont go down to easy. that would make the covies doubt themselfs such as halo 3

    then the empire would be able to push them back. If so say the covies take out the leader in the Imperial navy. then they have the win.

    if the covies lose their command ship then they will fight harder. the empire will just get confused if they lost theirs. It really all comes down to leadership. the covie dreadnought will be great but will be lost.

    yes storm troopers fight like **** in the film. watch halo 4 spartan ops cutscenes. the elites are not any better. the storm troopers only fight bad because the luke and his allies had the force on there side.

    what is the elites excuse?

    the force aids whomever is useing it to cloud their enemies minds.

    I say empire wins. death star will die though. it will take out mot of the covie fleet but in the end the covies relentless assault will destroy it. losing many ships they will be stuck on the planets they evade or control. then the empire will bombard them with turbo laser fire.

    the empire will then hold the covie planets hostage until they submit. fear will make them bow to the glorious empire.

    any questions or arguments pls email me at i will be happy to talk about this.

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    The Galactic Empire because they have the Star Destroyers and the almighty Death Star. Plus they have the force and the two most powerful Sith Lords in the galaxy. And later they group up with the Disciples of Ragnos. Ragnos being the most powerful Sith Lord of all time and my favorite Sith Lord :).

    But the Covenant go into a Civil War thinning their ranks and their prophets suck at fighting plus their Arbiter always dies.

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    The covenant are better trained and carry better standard weapons. I think they'd give the empire a run for their money. I wish we had some numbers on actual fleet sizes and army strength, then we'd really be able to tell. I'll put my money on the covenant.

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    the Covenant are very advanced with their weapons and brilliant minds so they would win for sure....

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