Was the Virginia Tech incident was a case of a 'liberal college' failing to punish bad behavior?

If you worked at a company some where and one of the guys were caught stalking a female co-worker, they would be fired and put on a security list. If a person left work for a couple weeks(like the VT kid did from school) for mental evaluation and the prognosis was 'a danger to himself and others', once again the person would be fired or at least watched like a hawk 24/7.

They say liberals don't know how to spank their kids and i think that Virginia Tech was a continuation of that theory enlarged.

In a question similar to this one, some people said that the school didn't get a record of his mental stability or lack there of, BUT they did know that he was stalking girls on campus because the girls went to campus police and thats why he was sent to be evaluated in the first place.

Shouldn't he have been kicked off the premises right there and then?

Why would you let a guy that was stalking, not just one, but 2 girls on campus, still wonder around campus?


And i think if someone is deemed a 'danger to themselves and others', they should have to wear a giant sign on their forehead so every one knows "don't be around this guy when he decides he's 'had enough'". It shouldn't be a secret when some one is that mentally unstable, it should be known so we know not to go near that guy.

Update 2:

Doogie: how is that conservatives fault? we've been pushing for that forever and the liberals just wont let it happen on their campuses

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    The pussification of America continues...

    "Educators" pride themselves on "programs" that teach "non-violence" from the early school years... the result is students who passively and obediently lined up against the wall to be shot, each one in turn.

    Had some these students carried a permitted gun, or been willing to charge and tackle the shooter, the loss of innocent life might well have been mitigated.

    Class dismissed.


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    1 decade ago

    The days of in parentis locos are done.

    I run a residence hall at a major American university and we do see mental health issues all the time. The students are over 18 and cannot be forced to do anything against their will. HIPPA also ensures that these students have a right to privacy. We have seen many students go through very difficult mental health periods (mental health problems usually emerge in the late teens early twenties) and some leave for a bit and come back. Almost all have been extremely successful.

    We did have one student who was considered a threat to himself and others and was removed from housing. However, you cannot always catch on to that for whatever reason. My institution is also 300 million times more liberal than VTech,

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    No, this was not the schools fault and no it is not liberal policy.

    First, an employer can't fire you for being mentally ill. There are laws that protect the rights of employees called EEOC, his medical records are also protected under HIPPA, passed by our Congress while conservatives were in charge Secondly, a company can't fire you for having a clean record, nor can a university remove you. The girls never filed charges and that negates the issue. If anyone is to blame it would be the girls for not charging him. He had the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, just as much as you or me. Thirdly, the weapons he bought were readily available due to the conservative gun lobby, this is in direct conflict with you liberal bashing ideology.

    It is fun to play arm chair quarterback, but you have no clue about how the world works. Quit trying to polarize the world and realize that it is not as cookie cutter as you and you apparently assume. You trivialize a tragedy and belittle all of those that died. By the way, learn how to spell. The word is wander, not "wonder".

    Source(s): VT alum
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    3 years ago

    properly, for one element, if a individual gets a psychological assessment- no count what the result's- it somewhat is against the regulation to bare the outcomes to all of us. those are deepest concerns. whether, with the aid of fact there became right into a courtroom order, he would not have been able to purchase a gun from a save. There are venues the place instant background tests are actually not mandatory- like at gun shows. you are able to not fire somebody for their psychological diagnosis while you evaluate that doesn't unavoidably could desire to be revealed. confident, stalking could placed somebody on a protection checklist and in all probability fired, yet...a school isn't a job. you are able to not kick somebody out of a community basically with the aid of fact they don't in effective condition what you desire them to be like. And...saying that liberals do not spank their little ones is a extensive generalization. each and every from time to time it somewhat is mandatory. i don't think of the events at Virginia Tech have plenty, if something, to do with "a liberal college failing." One stricken individual's movements do not propose the full gadget is incorrect.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I understand where you are coming from, but such a rule would make it too easy for women to get men kicked out of college.

    In that case, she would just need to file a report that a certain guy stalked her and he's gone. All his hard work up to that point to get into college, all the late night studying, SAT prep and so forth -- negated by a single report. And why would another college pick him up if one report is sufficient to kick him out?

    Even if we require the woman to sign it under penalty of perjury, at the end of the day, it would still be he said, she said. Plus you'd be surprised how many people swear they saw someone, and are totally mistaken...

    A mere report of stalking should be insufficient. I think you need an actual conviction. Otherwise you would get the Duke LaCrosse case 10 million times over.

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    1 decade ago

    Contrary to what the head in the sand crowd would have you believe, violence like this doesn't just happen out of nowhere. When it gets that far out of hand it's because a bunch of other smaller problems were ignored leading up to it and this case was no exception. It was already known that the guy had mental instability and a couple prior incidents like stalking. That should have been a red flag that something bad is imminent.

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    I cannot agree with your assessment. Virginia Tech is in a very conservative part of this nation and attended by large numbers of students and faculty of both persuasions.

    I have worked at companies where unfortunately sexual harassment was swept under the rug. Don't kid yourself into believing such things don't go on. They do.

    And please don't make assumptions of how liberals raise their children. This liberal grew up in a home that thought beatings were just part of the life experience. While I do not share my unfortunate upbringing with my children, I do hold them to high standards...which are the same as my conservative friends with their children.

    Ask this question again after you become a parent.

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    1 decade ago

    BULL. This guy wasn't going to be satisfied until he killed everyone he possibly could. That has nothing to do with liberalism or anything else (unless you throw in the issue of gun control then liberalism would be on the side of not allowing him to have a weapon). If he really wanted to kill someone, he was going to do it. That's how it is. You could even go the other way on this and make the argument that conservatives allowed this to happen because their stinginess and tightwad ways cut the funding that would have given this person the mental help they needed. The argument is ridiculous either way. Only Cho is reponsible for the actions of Cho.

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    no, it was tragic, and yes it would of been good had he recieved more help early on, but I dont think that would of helped him much, he was too deeply disturbed.

    The charges pressed I understood to not be considered big threats, and that is odd, I think too often people think that students are over reacting etc. It is sad that NO one made serious attempts to know him..from like grade school on...

    even if he had been kicked off campus..have you been on a campus recently..they are not fortresses,military bases or prison, community people come off and on all the time, and students do too, so he still prob. would of came on campus and done what he did...

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    1 decade ago

    A liberal College. Does EVERYTHING have to be blamed on a Liberal or a Conservative? The kid was a dammed nut case. If ANYONE had an idea he was going to kill a bunch of people they would have stopped it. What in the hell is wrong with us? We even figured out how to blame a hurricane on PEOPLE!

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