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where is the writers guild(where film writings are rigisterd) in india? what is its web address?

I have written a film script in telugu language and I want it to be registerd.

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    the writers guild is a union that's based in America - that's why it's called the Writers Guild of America. their web site is

    they represent mostly North American writers who work in the Hollywood system.

    If you have a movie to be made in India (Bollywood) you would have to see if they have unions there. I don't think they do.

    Registering your script does not prevent anyone from stealing your idea or movie concept. These cannot be copyright protected. Only specifics in your scripts can be protected if a movie studio steals your work verbatim. And all you can do is sue the studio AFTER the film was made and ask a judge to review the final film and your work to see if they are very similar. This also depends if the Indian government provides the same kind of copyright protection that citizens of the US have.

    The WGA will not defend you if your script is plagiarized. They will only provide a date and time stamp when the original work was created - you will need to hire a lawyer to help prove that your work was stolen.

    hope this helps.

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    1. THE RULES DON'T APPLY TO ME. I see this one quite a bit. I think that there are some rules that are okay to break some of the time, but that doesn't mean every rule should be thrown out the door. 2. AGENTS AND EDITORS HAVE IT IN FOR ME. I haven't seen this one a lot, but I have seen it, and it's sad. If you want to be a writer you need to accept that maybe you aren't good enough, and that if you aren't good enough you won't stop trying until you are. 3. I'M NOT A MARKETER, I'M A WRITER! This one I haven't seen, but that's probably because almost everyone I know or have talked to is either published or currently writing. If I knew more people trying to get published, maybe I would see this more. 4. I SHOULD SPEND A LOT OF TIME FANTASIZING OVER WHERE I WILL BE PUBLISHED NOW THAT I'VE WRITTEN TWO CHAPTERS OF MY NOVEL. This is the biggest problem I see in new writers. They are writing to be published. You may be asking, "Wait, isn't every author writing to be published?" The difference is that for authors that will be published, getting published isn't their goal - writing is. Getting published is merely the result of a goal to write. For writers who may not be published (at least until they change how they look at things), getting published is their one and only goal, and because of that they may not even get there. 5. I'M A BETTER WRITER THAN MOST PUBLISHED AUTHORS. I've seen this one quite a bit. Books that are published are typically published for a reason. Thinking you're better than published authors is the first step to becoming unwilling to change and improve, and being unwilling to change and improve is the first step to failing as an author. If there's one I was definitely guilty of is was #4. I focused so much on getting published that if I didn't think my book was publishing material I tossed it out. I didn't even want to write unless I was sure it would be published. I have finally gotten over this delusion, and getting published really isn't my goal anymore. I'm not saying I don't want to be published (I do with all my heart), but if my first completed book isn't good enough, then oh well. At least I gained all that experience, and on to the next project I go. Another I was (and sort of still am) guilty of, at least to a certain degree, is #5. For a long time I wanted my writing to be perfect, and it hurt me so much to think that it wasn't that I denied any faults. I'm still working on overcoming this mindset, and I've come a long way. I'm getting better and better at excepting that my writing needs work, and now I'm finally starting to feel that I have what it takes to never give up. If I'm not good enough, and I'm probably not, then I won't stop until I am. I am going to be an author no matter what it takes, and I'm ready to give it my all :)

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