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Does Brian Cashman deserve to be on a "short hook"?

The "Boss" has stated that Brian Cashman is on a "short hook" for the recent failure of the Yankee team he put together this year. Does Cashman deserve this? Does Cashman deserve credit for the succcess he has seen as GM, or did he simply ride a wave put in motion by Gene Michael and the Tampa "brain trust"?

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    cashman needs to go! like us normal humans, he must take his lumps for doing a bad!! job this year, and find new employment! no playoffs this year due to his poor decisions in off season!!

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    I am sure that Cashman NEVER acts without the approval of Steinbrenner. Therefore, his attack on Cashman is highly hypocritical. If Cashman acted on his own, then he deserves to be fired, but I don't think that is the case. Anyone who follows baseball could see the Yankees' pitching staff was NOT a good one. Now Clemens, whom Steinbrenner has blessed as the Yankee savior, will have to do the job himself, something he is just NOT capable of doing.


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    Baseball executives always have being fired in their future. Whether it happens now, soon, or much later makes little difference. Cashman can either leave on his own terms or wait for the axe at some indeterminate time ahead.

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    confident it exchange into the admittance of we would possibly no longer win the branch yet we get what we desire. It wasn't contained in the interest plan however to lose to Texas lol. It brings decrease back captivating thoughts of 1981 cut up season the yankees rested up jumped out to a speedy 2-0 lead over the Brewers they could of truthfully swept however the vendors knew I in ordinary terms had Sundays unfastened from paintings and for that reason dropped interest 3 and four so i could desire to attend and my ultimate pal brian could desire to catch Rick Cerone HR. A group does what's ultimate for the group if which ability resting your gamers to get the tournament up you elect for they do it.

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    He is deserving of everything he is gettting and got. You have to take the BAD along with the GOOD!

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