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playas de las america hotel?

travelling to tenerife, playas de las americas resort 1st week of sept. satying at the coral beach aparthotel, has anyone been to this hotle before. reviews look impressive. just wondered and also can anyone suggets things to do, that are exciting. (aged 20)

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    Hello and well done for chosing Tenerife for your holiday, it's a great place for a holiday in the sun, and in September when the weather can be changeable in Spain & Greece, it's going to be almost guaranteed sunshine.

    I have been to The Coral Beach a couple of times, not to stay there myself, but on travel agents inspection visits and also I had friends there. I've also sold the apartments many times to clients and not had any problems at all.

    I'd say that they are good, basic but clean accomodation- you'll be fine.

    Only problem I can see is that there is no air-conditioning, which in my opinion should be installed in every single accomodation except the most basic.

    Apart from that, it's adequate. The pool does get crowded in high season (and September is busy)

    The Coral Beach is self catering, but there are plenty of places to eat. Try The George which is about 200 meters from the hotel. The nightlife is excellent and is about a 10 minute stroll from the hotel. Tramps is popular, but one One thing that Tenerife is not lacking in is nightlife. From cabaret to nightclubs it has it all. Playa De Las Americas is the nightlife capital of the island.

    Nightlife is split into 3 distinct areas; The patch, Veronicas and Starco Commercial Centre. The patch offers complete family entertainment in a small commercial centre that is crammed with restaurants, bars and shops. Here you will find all your cabaret and karaoke bars and family entertainment taking you through until about 3am. Most bars here are children friendly and a lot will also serve food during the day.

    Next is Veronicas and Starco. Both areas are very close to each other making jumping from bar to bar quick and easy. There are no entrance fees to any bar or club in this area and most don't have a dress code although bare chests are strictly forbidden. Bars are generally open until 4am with nightclubs open until around 6am

    Check out the link below for reviews of nightclubs & bars in the area.


    Thats the nights covered... so check out this link to see whats around in the daytime (if you're up and around after the exciting nights that is! LOL


    I'm sure you're going to have a fantastic holiday- all the very best of luck!

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    Yes, i think i have stayed there. Its modern, square boring looking building, the reception is down the side of the hotel, id say its family accommodation type, not a singles, it was clean, nice meals, the coral beach was half board when i was there, resteraunt on the lower ground floor, they catered well for kids clubs, had a happy hour, not too far away from things in all directions, med/small pool area. Your five mins from the strip, where loads bars are. Go to the Aqua park and see the dolphin show its good.

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    not stopped at that hotel,we stopped at the la siesta near the hotel princess, if its anything like these two then yes fabulous? as in things to do,the-res a giant water park for kids and bid kids alike? a trip up mnt Tedi is worthwhile? you can tour the island on a helicopter trip,and a trip out to the loro parque is a must while you are there but set a good day aside for this as its a fair distance from Americas and the dolphin show there was brilliant? have a great holiday?

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    I haven't stayed there, but I stayed at a hotel near it. I've been to it, and it looks really nice!

    But I was about 9 when I went so I can't help with exciting things to do, haha.

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    yes plenty to do for the young folk right into dawn //dont know your hotel but we stopped at the La Siesta pricey but plush and good in hotel entertainment each evening

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    I recomended this hotel http://www.dimehoteles.com/hotel-en-Playa-De-Las-A... . It´s not expensive at all.

    enjoy your travel

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    you will have a great time non stop party place.

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