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I need some help with my pitching?

This is my team

Victor Martinez

Ryan Howard

Brian Roberts

Mike Lowell

Jhonny Peralta

Grady Sizemore

Hunter Pence

Alex Rios

Ken Griffey Jr.

Barry Bonds

No hitting players are on the bench. They are all starting or UTIL. Last 2 are UTil, rest are starting

SP Ian Snell

SP Oliver Perez

SP Ben Sheets

RP Derrick Turnbow

RP Jon Rauch

RP Antonio Alfonseca

P J.J. Putz

P Dan Wheeler

BN Johan Santana

BN Fausto Carmona

Who should I try to get? My pitching looks horrible to me. thanks for the help


It is a ten team head to head league.

Some players in the FA:

Ervin Santana

Braden Looper

Tom Glavine

Freddy Garcia

Jose Contreras

Jamie Moyer

Greg Maddux

Cliff Lee

Mark Buehrle

Scott Olsen

Jeff Suppan

here is some. If you tell me to pick up one, also say who to drop. thanks

Update 2:

In the 2 P spots, it can be SP or RP.

Update 3:

I switch pitchers in and out when they pitch.

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    I assume that your league lets you change your lineups daily because there is NO WAY Johan Santana should be on your bench. You might want to look at Sergio Mitre and Chad Gaudin right now. Oliver Perez, at least to me, is incredibly volatile and if you lost him, I don't see that as a major crime. Say goodbye to Rauch if at all possible. Pickup Accardo or even Chad Cordero since Washington is winning more games now. Carmona is a low K, low ERA kind of pitcher. You need to decide what is most important to your winning each week. More under-the-radar pitchers would be Gorzelanny and Wolf. Don't just look at W-L record when checking out pitchers. See what kind of run support they get along with how many runs, hits, and walks they give up. Do they last at least 7 innings consistently? That kind of thing.

  • Greg
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    Your SPs really aren't that bad- Santana will come around. But still, you should pick up Tom Glavine (he's a solid player, with an ERA under 4.00 for each of the last 3 years, and he's on the Mets, who could get him a lot of wins).

    You should drop either Rauch or Alfonseca. I don't know what type of league you're in exactly, since I know you have 2 UTILs, but I doubt these guys will be lasting contributers for you. Alfonseca looks like the closer for now (but only for ~2 more weeks), so he's worth something now. But after that? I don't think Rauch's even the closer, after blowing his last 2, and allowing runs in his two non-save situations since.

    So, drop Rauch for Glavine. Hope this helps!

  • t1riel
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    Your relief pitchers are awful. Turnbow won't get you many with Francisco Cordero at the helm. Who's Rauch? Keep Wheeler and Putz and drop Turnbow and Rauch. You could probably find a decent reliever on the waiver wire than Rauch and Turnbow.

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    Your pitching looks fine to me. You've got two studs in Santana and Sheets, and a bunch of nice 2nd and 3rd tier guys. Rauch and Turnbow don't close so I'd look for other options there. Maybe Accardo or Gregg if they're still out there.

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    DO U NEED 5 RP'S?... Well, use them until this one guy comes to earth.. I mean.. to the mayors...

    His name is Yovani Gallardo. He is in the brewers farm. And after Lincecum, he is the next big young star to appear in the mound.

    He's mowing people down in Triple-A (five wins, 2.22 ERA, 66 strikeouts in 48.2 innings), and while the Brewers don't have an immediate need to add him, eventually someone this talented forces their way up. Just know he's out there and capable of being roto-worthy later in the season, no matter the format.

    Hope this helps.

  • Jr42
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    For starters why do you have Johan Santana on the bench? He had two starts this week. Does your league require that you have middle relief?

  • Thomas
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    drop turnbow and jon rauch for starting pitchers

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    pick up Jose Contreras he'll rebound well

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