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how many teams started baseball?

what were the baseball teams that started baseball?

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    Well the modern Major League Baseball came together in 1901:

    American League

    Baltimore Orioles (later the New York Highlanders/Yankees)

    Boston Americans (later the Boston Red Sox)

    Philadelphia Athletics

    Washington Senators

    Detroit Tigers

    Cleveland Indians

    Chicago White Sox

    Milwauke Brewers (became St. Louis Browns in 1902)

    National League

    New York Giants

    Brooklyn Dodgers

    Boston Braves

    Philadelphia Phillies

    Pittsburgh Pirates

    Cincinnati Reds

    Chicago Cubs

    St. Louis Cardinals

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    That depends on what you mean by "started baseball." There were numerous amateur leagues in the mid-19th century, then a large umbrella organization called the National Association of Base Ball Players, followed by the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players.

    The 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings are generally considered the first openly all-professional team.

    In 1876, the National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs was formed. Its members consisted of:


    Hartford, CT

    St. Louis



    New York



    Check out for more info on professional leagues.

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