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ADJ (personality) :USE ENGLISH


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    Here are about 50 personality adjectives:

    ambitious, annoying, argumentative, quarrelsome,bad-tempered, big-headed

    bitchy, brave, cantankerous, carefree, careless, cautious, charming, cheerful

    conceited, full of oneself, conservative, conventional, cowardly , crazy, nuts

    cruel, dull, boring, flirtatious, friendly, generous, hard-working, honest

    kind, laid-back, lazy, loyal, mean, modest, moody, naive, naughty (children)

    open-minded, narrow-minded, pious, polite, proud, reliable,

    self-confident, selfish, sensible, sensitive , shy - introverted , strict

    stubborn, sympathetic , talkative , trustworthy, two-faced, weird

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    calm, clever, cool, considerate, curious, cute, funny, great, mean, mild, quiet, ridiculous, smart, strange, stupid, stubborn, weird

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