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化學換膚術(chemical peeling)就是利用各種化學藥試劑塗抹在皮膚上,造成表皮層溶解剝離,促使皮表細胞加速代謝,達到皮膚更新的效果。換膚可以除去老舊的角質、色素,使皮膚代謝加快,表皮細胞的排列更均勻整齊,皮膚自然看起來光滑美麗。化學換膚與磨皮(dermabrasion)的原理類似,只不過化學換膚後表皮並沒有立即去除,只是形成皮屑結痂,待皮膚重新長好後便會自然脫皮,因此沒有傷口、照顧較簡單。



是翻譯"化學換膚術(chemical peeling)就是利用各種化學藥試劑塗抹在皮膚上,造成表皮層溶解剝離,促使皮表細胞加速代謝,達到皮膚更新的效果。換膚可以除去老舊的角質、色素,使皮膚代謝加快,表皮細胞的排列更均勻整齊,皮膚自然看起來光滑美麗。化學換膚與磨皮(dermabrasion)的原理類似,只不過化學換膚後表皮並沒有立即去除,只是形成皮屑結痂,待皮膚重新長好後便會自然脫皮,因此沒有傷口、照顧較簡單。 "



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    Chemistry trades the skin technique (chemical peeling) is uses each chemistry medicine reagent to spread wipes on the skin, creates the cuticular layer dissolution peeling, urges the skin table cell acceleration metabolism, achieved the skin renews effect.Trades the skin to be possible except the obsolete cutin, the pigment, makes the skin metabolism to speed up, the epidermal cell arrangement is evener neatly, the skin looks like naturally smoothly beautiful.Chemistry trades the skin with to rub skin (dermabrasion) the principle to be similar, after chemistry trades the skin the epidermis immediately not to remove, only is forms the leather meal to tie the scab, after waits the skin long good then to meet the nature to shed skin again, therefore does not have the wound, the attendance to be simple. "

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    Chemistry changes the skin skill (chemical peeling ) to just utilize various kinds of chemical medicine reagent to daub on the skin, cause the epidermis layer to dissolve and strip, impel the cover form cell to accelerate the supersession , reaches the result that the skin upgrades . Changing the skin can remove old cutin , pigment , make the skin supersession accelerate, the permutation of the epidermis cell is more even and neat, the skin seems smooth and beautiful naturally . The principle that chemistry changes the skin and rubs the cover (dermabrasion ) is similar, the epidermis has not been got rid of immediately after only chemistry changes the skin, form scurf form a scab , can peel naturally after treating skin to be again long and kind just, it is relatively simple so there are no wound , treatment.

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