why does everyone seem to be against Jehovah's Witnesses?

but finds no fault in Mormons, scientologists, Lutherans, Baptists, Catholics ect? It seems there are a lot of questions on here focusing on hate for the JW's but no one examining their own religion.

Mormons~ Have a second "bible" written by a man named Joseph Smith who was a "prophet" and they follow what he says in that book

Catholics~ Pray to Mary and "saints" which is never referenced in the Bible

and so on........ It seems to me that people are hating a religion who's people are the most peaceful, who preach the good news of salvation, who study the Bible on a regular basis ( we go 4 days a week), I have heard a lot of people say its because we have our own Bible.....EVERY religion does! I have a Lutheran, Catholic AND JW Bible....Please I would like to know honest opinions from honest people...and please do not judge because we dont celebrate holidays....trust me, I dont miss them and neither do the kids!!!


AJ~ Scroll through religious questions on here and see how many are attacking JW's...then come back to me and apologize. I just want to know why there arent more attacking other religions....thats the question

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    I to am a Jeovahs Witnesses, and i if you are then you know why, in matthew24:1-51, jesus told who ever follow's him to pick up his torture stake,and follow, people will persicute you.And they do,there are people that get very irratied with us,i wouldn't let that bother you, when i first started studing, friends and family started telling me so many lies, about jehovah's witnesses,i reserch everything they said,and i found out they were all just lies,another reason people are so miss lead on yahoo answer, is becauese they believe everything they hear and read,some people just type in jehovahs witnesses, on the net and of course what pop's up LIES, and boy have i heard some good ones, just when you thought you'v heard them all. and then of course when some unrepentint brother or sister gets disfellowdship,there mad and spread lot's of lies,and there's allot on hear, I'm shore you'v noticed.Right know some of the answers on your question are lies,fo instance, we do not sell the watchtower and awake, there free, donations are nice, but we don't sell them,i donate my own mony for them, and have never personaly asked enyone to pay for them, i dont mind. and we don't even meet for field service until,9:00-9:30, and it takes another 10-15 mins to get everthing together.we dont kick our kids out of our life,if they want to be JW that is there choice, and yes it makes ya sad when they chose the path thats brod and spaceous, but thats there choice all, jehovah's witnesses have fam thats not in the truth, i still love them and talk to them. your going to find allot of people who don't like you for your beiliefs,and i may not be good for you to do the religouse section of yahoo answers.hang in there. O ya, to some of the answerers, if your not interested, you need to say that and nicely tell us not to come back and we won't, you'll be put down as a do not call, some times peopl may not mark you down and you may be called on agine,if this happens call the kingdom hall in your area, and tell the elders your not interusted,and you won't be botherd anymore.

    Source(s): www.watchtower.org, the one and only jehovahs witnesses web page
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    Mindy, instead of posting an incoherent rant, based on your belief that: The Watchtower teaches the Bible; the Bible teaches the Watchtower; You're right; everyone else is wrong; you have unity; nobody outside of your group (tribalism) can possibly have unity....Please stop for a SEC... The word "heaven" doesn't' appear in Matt. 22:14; but if you want to understand that sanctification is something we press into...you can see that in 2Pet. 1:10-11. The great crowd in heaven, that no one could number..is in Rev. 7:9. Let's try a little "unity" with holy scripture next time: and a lot less of Watchtower disunity of the location of the throne that was established in Rev. 4:2. Matthew 18:20~ "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." The small group I meet with in a home are enjoying perfect unity. My fellow posters to JW Q's are also unified in one thing...You're are being deceived through a misinterpretation of what the Bible is really saying...and you (all) need help through a labor of love. How's your group doing? God bless...

  • Jehovah Witnesses do not come to your door early in the morning. we come to your door after nine thirty. everyone is up at that hour. we do what Jesus Christ commanded us at Matthew 28 verse 19 and 20. I guess people would say Jesus is a pest also. we are families also and may live next door to your. we do not force our religion on anyone. we are not a cult. a cult worships man. we worship Jehovah and Jesus Christ who is the head of all the kingdom halls in 236 lands. a cult live together. we come and go where ever we want. you may be in walmart or winn dixie and be talking to a Jehovah Witness and not even know that person is one. you may work with a Jehovah Witness and not know it either because we don't wear signs. www.watchtower.org

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    Same old tired whine, every sect thinks it's the one being picked on. Your angry because people are a threat to your delusions - religion is a lie.

    All religions are but mythology. As soon as you allow common sense in and educate yourself on things other than your fiction, you will understand how silly it (religion) is.

    It is hard for people to take you seriously when you claim to know something and it is so clearly false... like a child growing up and still believing in Santa as an adult.

    There seems to be only two alternative for zealous theists: In time, (1) you will only become more delusional or (2) you will abandon your faith and embrace reality.

    You are like an alcoholic in denial and we are trying to help you find your way out of the haze.

    kari4nature: I stand by my posting... read it a couple dozen times so it begins to sink in. I will not apologize for being right.

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    I don't like scientologists either. But JW are slightly annoying when they wake me up in the morning after i've worked a night shift and they want to talk to me about god.

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    I don't know what everyone has against them but I was deeply offended by a picture in a publication they tried to sell me.

    The picture showed Jesus nailed to a post.

    He was nailed to a cross, not a post.

    I asked them never to call on my house again.

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    Have you ever worked all night, ,just get in bed at 8am.. fall asleep around 830,, then the doorbell rings at 9am?? Who is standing there with a smile on their face,,trying to push their beliefs on you?THATS WHY!!!!!I

    I did NOT call them . They had no business coming to my home...I don't hate them. I believe that everyone has the right to believe whatever they choose.But I also believe that it is not right to peddle you beliefs door to door.

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    1 decade ago

    i get a bit annoyed with anyone who "preaches " too much after i say that i'm not interested...no specification as to JW,catholics,mormons etc etc

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    1 decade ago

    I don't like it when anybody intrudes upon my life by knocking at my door, trying to force their religious morality upon our laws, etc.

    Of course this means I'm talking about more than just Jehova's witnesses.

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    It's not Jehovah Witness, Mormons, Catholocs. Islam, and etc, that we oppose and try to reach with the ture Gospel of Jesus. Its the system of worship.

    When you have time see for yourself.


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