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Need constructive criticism for this poem?

Need constructive criticism for this poem

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    No way I am going to download a pdf file from here. So you'll have to do better. Either copy some here, or give us a link to html format.

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    It's a good theme but the metaphor of flame as love--- hard to make it fresh and alive. The metaphors pile up and get inconsistent and confused. "What is longing made from that it does not wear out with use?" That is the beginning of a poem about longing. Play with your theme. Ask it questions or ask questions about it. What is love made from? What is fire made from? Imagine how mysterious it seemed as a child. Look at it afresh. Make a small bonfire and really try to SEE and hear and experience it, the process. Observe the meanderings of your mind. This might lead to a new way of expressing your theme in a way others can't. Can a fire burn without consuming all? What can it leave behind?

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    No Byran- they are no better than when "ANN" asked the same questions. Good writers don't have to pay someone to publish their work, and they usually have at least a passing acquaintance with spelling and grammar.

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    What poem?

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    WHO ARE YOU, this is not funny, maybe a smart alick?

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