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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicComics & Animation · 1 decade ago

Why did Miss Japan win Miss Universe 2007?

Everybody here knows that Miss Venezuela and Miss Brazil are a million times prettier than Miss Japan (especially Miss Brazil). So, why did Miss Japan win Miss Universe 2007?


*piercedgal: I respect your point of view, but I think that any Miss were ordinary. Even if a Miss was dressing a Red low-necked dress, she would not be "ordinary".

PS: I loved Miss Japan, I really think she is pretty, but, in my opinion, it was not a correct decision.

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    i think the winner should be brazil or usa. they have the best answers. i'm just wondering why japan won. i think she should be the 4th runner up. i have read some commentaries that japanese endorsements and sponsorships might have the final say on the pageant. ooops.

    i think it should be miss brazil, no doubt. i have heard miss japan's answer's dancing blah blah blah. is that what it takes to be a miss universe? nah. the worst answer i have ever heard among the top 5.

    im from asia, spec from the phils. but i think brazil should have won. but im happy miss philippines got the miss photogenic award again. ha ha

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    Miss Universe 2007

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    Why did Miss Japan win Miss Universe 2007?

    Everybody here knows that Miss Venezuela and Miss Brazil are a million times prettier than Miss Japan (especially Miss Brazil). So, why did Miss Japan win Miss Universe 2007?

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  • Miss Japan 2006 Kurara Chibana should have won last year's Miss Universe. She was the most sexy, charming and confident contestant from Japan I have seen so far. So maybe this year for some political reasons, they are making up for that great blunder last year! But then again, being in the top 5, every girl stands a good chance to win and I think this year's Miss Japan came across as most sincere and natural in her answer to the question. The rest of the girls sounded very rehearsed, esp. Miss Korea who had the worst answer of all on the super power.

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    I don´t know why she won...she is very pretty though. Of course there are political reasons involved, even in a beauty contest. Do you really think Miss Venezuela had a chance in an american contest when his "president" is in the top 1 American hater??? Miss Venezuela was very pretty same as Brazil, but the relations with those countries will not benefit USA as Japan will.

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    She gave a universal answer. They asked her what she learn and it still affects her to this day. Sure she talked about dancing but she used it as an example and added that you must be happy and patient no matter what. I hate how everyone just thinks its all about being pretty faces and be brainless in these competition. Truthfully I dont think Brazil was that pretty. Plus I also believe that Riyo Mori had more originality and confidence and I think thats why they gave the crown to her. I mean in many ppl eyes she isnt the prettiest miss universe but for me, she will always be my fave and surprisingly, unforgettable for me.

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    Maybe it's because Miss Venezuela and Miss Brazil look so ordinary and the judges think that Miss Japan is better than the both of them

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    5 years ago

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    2007 doesn't have anything to do with 2006. There are no rules about which countries must win in respective years.

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    Because national director of Miss Japan Universe is dating with Donald Trumph!

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    In my opinion, the right person won...well at least out of the choices given. A latina woman usually gets the crown. Obviously they're gorgeous as hell! But it also getting a little boring. Brazil was gorgeous, yes, but she just acted like another pageant mold. Miss Japan was pretty, intelligent, but most of all showed personality.

    I'm not saying this because I'm Japanese either. I'm Indian and I was totally disappointed with this year's Miss India.

    Last year I was so pissed about the winner. She was like a plastic doll. She was insanely gorgeous but that was all. Miss Japan last year had every right to win that competition, but something went wrong. She was perfect in every sense of the word. A lot of people agree with me on that one. Maybe they're making up for that this year?

    and as far as Venezuela goes, I'm sorry but she was not that pretty. Brazil was definitely far better than her.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ok maybe, Miss Brazil and Miss Venezuela had too common faces. And the competition need the most number of votes to win. So it really didn't count if you aren't really beautiful. And hey last year's result was last years! This year's result was this years! And out of the five contestants Miss Japan was the only one who wore her her country's traditional gown. And her answer to the judge was about her childhood. Some of us think that Miss Japan had the worst answer or she was so snobby and rude. What right do we have to say that? Have we met her? Have we even talked to her once? If you are not sure please do not criticise about others.

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