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Why are Hollywood directors so politically correct when it comes to movies?

Why and how are they successful


Hollywood is typically Liberal...so...

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    You are begging the question without even saying what you're talking about. Did you have some specific directors in mind? Mel Gibson, perhaps?

    I suspect most of the political correctness in Hollywood comes either down from the producers or up from the distributors, most of whom would like to not offend anybody in order to reach the largest possible audience.

    And I don't think liberalism necessarily implies political correctness - how would you categorize Michael Moore?

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    First I would say that you are watching the wrong films. There are many filmmakers out there who are not political correct. Secondly, most non-PC films do not get advertised. Third, filmmaking is about making money. If a studio don't think it can make money they may not green-light it. So most "politically incorrect" films are made by actors/directors who have money and have a vision. Check out about ANY Spike Lee movie (particularly Bamboozled), NOT politically correct. Or Blood Diamond, Crash, Hotel Rwanda, American History X, Brokeback Mountain. None of these films are politically correct.

    I not going to go too deep in what is politically correct but to say that if it agrees with the current administration than that is politically correct right? So wouldn't that change from year to year and would that make most of hollywood politically incorrect wouldn't it? Or is your question is based on films that are politically unflinching in its portrayal?

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    Define "politically correct". It is such a generic term which usually means someone is expressing a view other than yours-especially if your right-wing and the movie expresses a liberal view. IF that is what your really mean, then explain what your views are and then we can answer the question.

    There is nothing politically correct about being liberal, especially in this day and age with Bush and his cronies.

    Now, just how many Hollywood movies do you watch and have you kept statistics on how many are liberal and how many are right-wing. On TV these days, there it seems to me that there are certainly more right-wing shows than liberal shows. I went through my channels (about 60) and 5 had uplifting messages. The others were right-wing newscasters, right-wing police stories or real life police stories or other very negative material designed to scare people into thinking this world is a very bad place. To me that is certainly no liberal but right wing.

    The term politically correct is a worthless term that should be discarded. It is just a way to insult what you don't like, but explains nothing. It is a cliche.

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    I completely agree. Everyone in Hollywood is afraid to do anything different, else they are labeled insensitive, or worse. It is ignorant to suggest Hollywood is not liberal, it is a fact that they are. I don't like this socialist era we're now living in. People afraid to state their opinions, else they be ridiculed. Everyone must be the same, think the same, do the same. And how does creativity come from that?

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    Ack--greater suitable than one. Sean Penn---for being a maniac on the political spectrum and an pastime-whoring ***** indoors the indoors optimal spectrum. Mel Gibson--not arranged on raving antisemites. Tom Cruise--why could I? it quite is in contrast to he has made a descent action image indoors the previous countless years. I in no way grow to be somewhat arranged on Jolie's, the two (inspite of the actual shown fact that, i could desire to admit, I enjoyed the Changeling and lady, Interrupted...). i'm very much shocked that there are a great sort of others that don't---on each and every social accumulating I assertion that i think of of she's a faker, human beings commonly get mad at me! Peace

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    If they are not PC - they would probably have a hard time getting their work accepted, etc....

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