Can a person with third degree burns pass an infection to another person or an unborn baby?

My sister's boyfriend just received third degree burns on his feet and legs. He is currently staying with his mother until he is well enough to stay alone. He and my sister have a 2 year old child together and are expecting another child (she is in her second trimester). His mother is refusing to allow my sister and her child to visit him, saying that the toddler and unborn baby are susceptible to infection if they come in contact with him until he heals. Is this true, or is she just an overbearing mother trying to keep them apart?

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    Often times in a burn wound, bacteria and infection can be found because skin is a major non specific immunity factor and barrier. Staphylococcus aureus, an extremely antibiotic resistant kind of bacteria, can often be found in wounds of burn victims. It is probably best that children be kept from the boyfriend until he is healed and feeling better. Also if the pregnant woman gets infected with a strain of bacteria her body has never been introduced to before, it is possible that the bacteria can pass through the placenta to the baby and seriously harm the baby. This is because upon first exposure to any bacteria or virus, the mother's antibodies that are made against it are too big to pass through the placenta or breastmilk. A good example of this is the German Measles. So just to be on the safe side, which is always best with immuno-suppressed persons such as pregnant women (with raging hormones that are out of balance, not to mention the body naturally suppresses the immune system so that the immune system doesn't attack the baby growing inside), small children, older persons, or someone with AIDS etc.

    Source(s): Microbiology text and lecture
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    I think that is backwards. The third degree burns are very susceptible to infection! A Friend of mine had 3rd degree burns over 85% of his body and he was kept in an isolation ward to prevent infection, but he still acquired infections because he was so weak and open from the burns.


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    Her main concern should be him. He can easily get infections from others with 3rd degree burns. I wouldn't worry about anyone catching anything from him...I wouldn't worry about him having staph and giving it to anyone if he is unlucky enough to get staph he will be in the hospital getting a serious round of IV antibiotics.

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    There is nothing they can catch from him, he is more than likely to pick up something from them. Unless he has been diagnosed with MRSA or VRE in his wounds, then they are safe to visit. MRSA and VRE are highly resistant organisms and until the wounds closed, it would be transmitted by contact only. I'm sure he would benefit from seeing his girlfriend and child!

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