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Is Iran a bigger City than Iraq? Is it the largest city in Asia?

curious about this. Trying to help my nephew out with a report for 3rd grade.


OK, OK, it's a joke people. Lighten up. Just making fun of kids who don't understand geometry these days. Everyone knows Iraq and Iran are continents... jeez....

Update 2:

kukukach, actually Iraq is 100,000 sqare miles smaller than texas and about the same population... fool.

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    My goodness, but you're good!

    You just gave a third-grade teacher a great laugh, especially with your final comment about continents.

    Thank you.

    I try very hard too teach my students the difference between the to countries, two!

    The spelling check says I spelled everything correctly. I love technology!

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    The Republic of Iran is about 4 times larger than the Country of Iraq, by population, The largest city in Iraq is Baghdad but the population has decreased significantly as refugees leave the city at about 30,000 per month (at a minimum).

    The largest city in Asia would probably be in either India or China, based sheerly on population.

    Tehran may be large, perhaps 6-7 million people, but Hong Kong or Shanghai would easily top those numbers, Here are the top 10 cities on the planet by population.

    Rank City Country Population

    1 Seoul, South Korea 10,231,000

    2 São Paulo, Brazil 10,009,000

    3 Bombay(Mumbai), India 9,925,000

    4 Jakarta, Indonesia 9,373,000

    5 Karachi, Pakistan 9,339,000

    6 Mocba (Moscow), Russia 8,297,000

    7 Istanbul, Turkey 8,260,000

    8 Mexico/Mexico City) Mexico 8,235,000

    9 Shanghai, China 8,214,000

    10 Tokyo, Japan 8,130,000

    11 New York (NY), USA 8,008,000


    18 TEHRAN Iran 6,758,000


    35 BAGHDAD Iraq 3,841,000 (decreasing)

    CIA World Factbook (very cool website - who says the government doesn't do stuff right - sometimes)

    Iraq -

    Iran -

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    1) Iran & Iraq are countries.

    2) Iran is bigger.

    3) China is the biggest country in Asia.

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    sure they have little purpose to invade North Korea, they're now not that somewhat some a huge gamble because of the fact they're so remoted. Evern interior the experience that they've have been given organic and organic factors, they dont commerce so there is not any element different than the U. S. openly colonises them. They do inspite of the actual shown fact that administration the South so their efforts to get to the North could desire to be performed via ability of a latent reunification of North and South. Iraq is historic previous, the U. S. have already reinstalled their government yet Iran keeps to be father and supporter of the main radical Shia Islamic communities who threaten Israel besides as democratising Arab states. Its now not continually approximately oil, its now not that user-friendly.

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    Iran is a country whose land area and population is bigger than Iraq's. Perhaps you should re-enter the 3rd grade (assuming you were in it the first time).

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    Iran and Iraq are nations, not cities.

    Largest in area is Iran at 636,372 sq.mi. It's about 3.75 times larger than Iraq.

    Source(s): Wikipedia
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    Baba/Baby Iran and Iraq are not cities, but a Nation / Country, consisting of several cities.

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    Sweetie Iran is a bigger COUNTRY than Iraq and it's not the biggest COUNTRY in Asia either.

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    Iran and Iraq are both countries, not cities.

    Geographically, Iran is much larger than Iraq.

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    Do you mean country? If yes, than it is. Iran isn't the biggest country/ city in Asia, that honor goes to China, Kazakhstan, India, and Russia

    Source(s): wikipedia
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