Does General Motors have a partnership with Toyota, or ownership?

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    There is a place in Fremont, California called New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc (NUMMI). The factory was an old General Motors plant and is now a joint venture between GM and Toyota. When it reopened for production in 1984, it was the first automotive joint venture plant in the United States. GM saw this joint venture as an opportunity to learn about Lean Manufacturing from the Japanese company, while Toyota gained its first manufacturing base in North America and a chance to implement its production system in an American labour environment.

    NUMMI is now an award-winning facility which ranks with other Toyota plants among the most productive manufacturing operations in North America. GM places around 12 managers each year at the plant to learn lean techniques and has improved quality enough across the rest of its operations for it to show through on J.D. Power quality rankings. While the plant has been successful in adopting Lean, other GM plants have seen benefits. GM's Oshawa, Ontario plant received the 2006 JD Power Gold Plant Quality Award, the third time in the last five years.

    Currently, the NUMMI plant produces the Toyota Corolla compact car, Toyota Tacoma pickup truck and the Pontiac Vibe station wagon. In the past, it has also produced the Geo Prizm, the later Chevrolet Prizm, and the Chevrolet Nova from 1984-1988 ( the Prism and Nova were also the Toyota Corolla); as well as the Toyota Voltz (2002-2004), the Japanese right-hand drive version of the Pontiac Vibe - both are based on the Toyota Matrix, which is manufactured in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Employment is nearly 5,500 workers. NUMMI is a union organization represented by The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) Local 2244. NUMMI sells 60% of their parts to Toyota and 40% to General Motors. NUMMI has 160 robots to build the three cars they do today.

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    Yes, Toyota and GM are involved in a joint venture (not ownership)and have been since the mid 1980's. They have a plant in Fremont, California. That's where the Toyota Corolla and Matrix are made. Like a previous answered stated, the Pontiac Vibe is a Toyota Matrix with different styling and it too is made alongside those cars. Other cars that were made at this plant were the Corolla-based 1986-1988 Chevy Nova and the 1989- 2002 Geo Prizm (renamed the Chevy Prizm after 1995 model year).

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    Terrence is partly correct.

    GM and Toyota jointly own an assembly plant in Fremont, California called NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc.). It started out as a GM factory. The closed factory re-opened in 1984 as the first automotive joint venture plant in the United States. GM learned about Toyota's manufacturing and quality processes from this plant. Currently, the Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Tacoma are assembled at NUMMI.

    GM and Toyota co-developed the Pontiac Vibe and the Toyota Matrix. The Vibe is assembled at NUMMI, but the Matrix is assembled in Canada. The Vibe uses the same engine and transmission as the Toyota Corolla.

    The Vibe was rebadged as the Toyota Voltz and exported to Japan from NUMMI for a couple years. (Its exterior was the same as the Vibe, but the interior was Matrix-like.) Toyota also sold the U.S.-built right-hand-drive Chevrolet Cavalier as the Toyota Cavalier in Japan from 1995 to 2000.

    Ford also licensed hybrid technology from Toyota. PSA Peugeot Citroen also has a partnership with Toyota in Europe.

    GM also has partnerships with Honda and Ford. Honda supplied GM with V6 engines for the Saturn Vue for a couple years (from 2004 to at least 2007; GM's L66 is GM's name for Honda's J35A3 engine). In return, GM supplied Honda with diesel 4-cylinder engines for the European-market Civic. GM also co-developed a 6-speed automatic transmission with Ford.

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    Um, no. GM isn't even close to having any ownership in Toyota. GM can't even build cars in the US anymore so Toyota is taking over the "Built In America" standards. Which by the way Toyota is doing an excellent job of. I love my Toyota and I'll never buy from the so called "Big 3" again.

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    I know Toyota has a partnership with the Subaru plant in Indiana to build Camry's and it seems to me GM did some sort of a deal with Toyota as well.

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    Isnt Dodge and Jeep owned by Daimler Chrysler and something to do with Benz?(horrible spelling error)

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    Yes. Pontiac sells toyotas (pontiac vibe).

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    Simply No.

    toyota are actually a group, they own Lexus and Dahatsu in the auto markets.

    They do their own marine engines too, as well as robotics. I think they even do housing in Japan!

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    There is no direct relationship between those two dealers. GM works with Pontiac,Dodge,Jeep,Eagle and Chevy.

    Good luck!

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    they do not have any relationship for ever

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