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Zionists Do Not Represent Jews - do you agree?

From the inception of the Zionist State and particularly in recent times, the impression has been created in the World that there is some connection between the State, which falsely calls itself Israel, and the Jewish people as a whole. Therefore, we who continue to uphold the never-changing tradition of the Jewish people find it proper to again clarify the following points:

A Jew is one who remains faithful to the laws of the Jewish religion, that is, the Holy Torah and its commandments.

The Jewish people became a people before they had their own land, and continued to exist as a people also after they went Into exile, because our very people hood is based exclusively on the Torah.

The Holy Land was given to the Jewish people on the condition that they observe the Torah and its commandments. When they failed to do this, their sovereignty over the land was taken from them, and they went into exile. From that time, we are prohibited by the Torah with a very grave prohibition to establish a Jewish independent sovereignty in the Holy Land or anywhere throughout the world. Rather, we are obligated to be loyal to the nations under whose protection we dwell.

This situation has existed for close to 2000 years when the Jewish people were dispersed throughout all corners of the world. During this time, the Jews always remained faithful to the country in which they lived.

The Jewish people are grateful to all those merciful nations which have allowed them to observe Torah and the commandments undisturbed.

From ancient times, the relations between the Jewish and Islamic peoples have always been those of peace and brotherhood, and friendship always reigned between them. The proof of this is the fact that for centuries, in all the Arab lands, hundreds of thousands of Jews lived in honor and amidst mutual esteem.

Jews throughout all generations yearned to grace the sacred soil of the Holy Land and to live there. However, their sole purpose was to fulfill the commandments dependent upon the land and to absorb Its holiness. Never, G-d forbid, did they have any nationalist or sovereign intent whatsoever which, as mentioned above, is forbidden to us. Indeed, also here in the Holy Land, our fathers lived in neighborly harmony with the Palestinian residents of the land, helping one another, to mutual benefit.

Until about two hundred years ago, the vast majority of Jews observed the Torah and the commandments in entirety. Jewry's leaders were Torah scholars, who directed the people according to the Torah. They were loyal citizens in the host nations where they dwelled and to the local laws. They prayed for the welfare of their respective governments. To our sorrow, at that time a small number of Jews slowly left their observance of Torah and commandments. Together with this, they began to deride the spiritual leadership of their people. This assimilation was the basis upon which, one hundred years ago, the ideology of Zionism was born. Its founders were assimilated Jews who had abandoned the Torah.

Immediately at the founding of the Zionist movement, masses of Jews under the leadership of their Rabbis, launched a heavy battle against Zionism. Their attack was directed not only at the non-religious Zionist idea, but rather, primarily at its opposition to the Torah-ordained path that Jewry must follow while in exile. As such, the Zionists incited the nations of the world, demanding political sovereignty over the Holy Land while remaining oblivious to the resentment this would arouse In the Palestinian Arabs, the land's veteran inhabitants. As stated, the leaders of Orthodox Jewry vehemently opposed the movement with all force.

The Zionists refused to heed the voice of the Rabbis and Torah authority. They persisted in their ways until they succeeded in influencing the British government to issue the Balfour Declaration concerning the "establishment of a national home for the Jews in the land of Israel." To our great sorrow, from that point on began the deterioration of the good relations between the Jews and the Arab inhabitants of the land. This occurred because the Arab people understood that the Zionists wished to seize ruler ship from them. In addition, the Arab people had suspicions as if the Jewish people wished to seize control of the Temple Mount and other similar sites. Matters worsened as a result.

The Jewish leadership of that time saw it as proper to clarify before the Arab leaders that the Torah-true Jews had no desire whatsoever for sovereignty, and that our desire was to continue to live in peace with the Arabs, as we had always done. The leader of the G-d-fearing Jewish community at that time, Rabbi Yoseph Chaim Zonnenfeld. of blessed memory, organized a delegation in July of 24' which visited King Hussein and his sons Faisal the King of Iraq and the Amir Abdullah In order to lucidly present to them the position of the G-d-fearing Jewish community. The Jewish delegation clarified unequivocally that Torah Jewry is totally opposed to the Zionist sovereignty over the Holy Land. It Is worth noting that the delegation was received with great honor. They were even assured that all Arab lands were completely open to Jews, however, on the condition that the Jews do not demand political rights. This condition also applied to the Holy Land. One of the members of the Jewish delegation, Professor Yisroel Yaakov De Haan, paid with his life for his participation.

Torah Jewry protests at every opportunity against the Zionist rule over the Holy Land, and the Zionist rebellion against the neighboring nations. Torah Jewry has condemned the Zionist oppression of the Palestinians, the land's veteran inhabitants who have been driven from their homes and properties. The Zionists' barbaric and violent deeds are absolutely antithetical to the essence of the Jewish people.

Torah Jewry has never ever recognized the Zionist state. Since the Zionists succeeding in establishing their state, Torah Jewry has continuously announced to the world that the Zionists do not represent the Jewish people, and that the name "Israel" that they use is a forgery. For as has been stated above, it is forbidden to us from the Torah to rebel against the nations, and all sovereignty by us is prohibited. Rather, we await the days when all the world will recognize the sovereignty of the Creator, and the words of the prophet Isaiah will yet be fulfilled: "And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. No nation will lift its sword against any other, nor will they learn warfare anymore."

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews have refrained to this day from taking any funds from the Zionist regime, whether for their educational institutions, synagogues or other benefits. Obviously, they do not participate in the Zionist elections, whether for the "Knesset" or for the municipality. We do not serve in their army, and we even avoid speaking in the Hebrew language that the Zionists Invented. (incidentally, this is not the holy and true Hebrew language in which the Bible is written.) All this is done because Torah Jewry does not recognize the Zionist regime, which Is against the Torah and against humanity.

Lately, the question has once again arisen concerning the Temple Mount and sovereignty over it. Thus, we wish to state unequivocally: a) In our time, it is a severe Torah prohibition for any Jew to set foot on any part of the Temple Mount area. b) The Jewish people have no claim whatsoever to sovereignty over this holy site, which is under Islamic authority, nor over any other holy site. Rabbi Zonenfeld was once asked, "is it true, that the Rabbi prefers an non-Jewish government over all of the Holy Land"? Rabbi Zonenfeld replied, "if King Hussein would rule over Palestine, the holiness of the Holy Land would not be diminished to even to an Iota degree". We yearningly await G-d's great day, when He will return His Divine Presence to Zion, restoring the holy city to its former holiness and glory as in days of old, to be a light to the peoples and the nations.

The Zionists have no right of any sovereignty over even one inch of the Holy Land. They do not represent the Jewish people in any way whatsoever. They have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people. Therefore, their words, declarations and actions are not in any way representative of the Jewish people. This is because the Zionists' seizing of power over the Holy Land is antithetical to Jewish law, and also because the Zionists do not behave like Jews at all rather, they desecrate the sanctity of the land.

We once again clarify that it is our desire to live in peace with our Arab and Palestinian neighbors, as we did before the Zionist revolution, and as Jews all over the world till today live, accepting the yoke of rulership of their host nation, with complete loyalty. Our sole desire is to serve our G-d and to fulfill His commandments with a perfect heart and to delight in the radiance of the sanctity of the Land.


I nevr claimed to repersent a majority, clearly from your continued responses, you do not agree, and I respect that. Thank you for your responses, you have answered my question with a yes, and you should not judge others, lest you be judged yourself. Respect does not exist if it is not reciprocated, my friends.

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    From a relious or theological point of view i agree with you,but in practical terms almost all jews are zionists and support the jewish occupation of Palestine. Very few people are aware the "government' founded there in 1948 was founded by atheists - Weitzman,Golda Meir,etc. As I understand it,the small indiginous jewish population there felt it was a violation of scripture for man to attempt to reconstitute the ancient jewish state.

    REPORT ABUSE. That Mark S is entirely out of line. You may disagree with the writer's point of view but using filthy language only shows what a piece of filth you're mind is - and a violation of article two - Be Courteous. You Mark S have the manners of a pig. reported. Please everyone report.

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    i'm extremely prepared on the words of THIS Zionist: "You declare, my buddy, which you do no longer hate the Jews, you're purely 'anti-Zionist.' and that i say, permit the certainty ring forth from the extreme mountain tops, permit it echo in the time of the valleys of G-d's eco-friendly earth; whilst human beings criticize Zionism, they propose Jews--it truly is G-d's own fact." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    You know how to cut and paste, but you have no understanding of the content.

    The Neturei Qarta group, which numbers under 20 Orthodox Jews, does indeed object to the State of Israel. The other 99.999999999 percent of Jews throughout the world support Israel as the Jewish homeland--the only Jewish state in the whole wide world.

    The Jewish community considers these supporters of Islamic terror as the lunatic fringe.

    The are 22 Arab states, and over 60 Muslim states.


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    While you keep refering to "Torah Jewry" you fail to mention that the prohibition from returning to Israel comes from one Talmudic source, which you also fail to mention is agadic and not halachic. What you also fail to mention is that many notable Rabbis - who even you must concede are God fearing - supported Zionism. Nachmanides went so far as to say that it is a mitzvah to move to Israel. The Tosefot agree, saying that the only reason one would be permitted not to undertake this endevour is if it's dangerous. Furthermore, that "respectfully living in foreign countries" was contingent upon not being massacred; as one of the primary inspirations of Zionism was the constant pogroms in Europe and Russia as well as other persecutions, one could make a strong point that said contract was violated. If that is not enough, the Holocaust would provide sufficient ipso facto. Also, while it is very brave of you to so narrowly define your position on who is a Jew, you will find that no primary halachic source (be it written Torah or oral law) backs you up. On top of that, your claim that you don't take any money from the "Zionist regime" or taking part in elections is a total crock. The anti-Zionist Orthodox community as you put it saps the funds of the country through welfare because most refuse to work for a living. They do in fact vote. Last thing, you protest the Zionists speaking for Jews; I protest YOU presuming to speak for Jews, as your particular denomination makes up a small minority of world Jewry and especially Israeli Jewry.

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    Mark S is right.

    Yes, a Jew is someone who keeps God's commandments. Yes, they follow the Torah. Yes, the Torah says that Israel belongs to the Jews. No, you are not a Jew.

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    You haven't asked a question - you've written an essay.

    Oh, and by the way: you'll find that most rational, intelligent Jews ARE zionists - because they know there has to be one tiny corner of this planet in which they're safe from persecution.

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    I'm glad I'm not jewish, you are nasty even to your own, you are just like cho the killer in Virginia.

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    Mark S. is spot on.

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    Blah, blah, blah. Another cut-and-pasting example of electronic diarrhea. Sorry, the people you quote don't speak for the majority of anyone. Now go home.

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