Do you people know any famous people from Tennesse?

I already have miley cyrus. but i need this info. for a state report. PLEASE HELP ME!

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    List of people from Tennessee


    Roy Acuff (1903–1992), musician; born in Maynardville

    Charlie Adams; drummer, percussionist, and drum engineer

    James Agee (1909–1955); Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, screenwriter, journalist, poet, and film critic; born in Knoxville

    Lamar Alexander (b. 1940), lawyer and U.S. Senator from Tennessee; born and raised in Maryville

    Duane Allman (1946–1971); guitarist; born in Nashville

    Gregg Allman (b. 1947); singer, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter; born in Nashville

    William R. Anderson (1921-2007); naval officer and member of Congress; born in Humphreys County

    Chet Atkins (1924–2001); guitarist and record producer; born in Luttrell

    [edit] B

    DeFord Bailey

    Howard Baker

    Ida Wells-Barnett

    Kathy Bates

    Kate Batts (a.k.a. The Bell Witch)

    John Bell

    Aaron Benward

    Polly Bergen

    Alexander Bonnyman, Jr.

    Arna W. Bontemps

    Pat Boone

    Rachel Boston

    Richard H. Boyd

    Nathan Brandon

    Rod Brasfield

    Clarence Brown

    James M. Buchanan, economist, Nobel laureate

    Charles Burson

    Joseph W. Byrns

    [edit] C

    Guy Carawan

    Hattie Caraway

    Dixie Carter

    Kellye Cash- Miss America 1987

    David Catching

    John Catron

    Tracy Caulkins

    Gen. Benjamin F. Cheatham

    Doc Cheatham

    Kitty Cheatham

    Richard Boone Cheatham

    Richard Cheatham

    Kenny Chesney

    Philander P. Claxton

    Fred Coe

    Lynnette Cole- Miss USA 2000

    Mark Collie

    David Crockett

    Dixie Lee Crosby

    Edward Hull "Boss" Crump

    John Cullum

    Billy Ray Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus

    [[William Louis Chisholm Jr.

    [edit] D

    Jamie Denton

    Bobby Dodd

    Shannen Doherty

    Andrew Jackson Donelson

    Daniel S. Donelson

    Aaron Douglas

    Anne Dallas Dudley

    [edit] E

    William Edmondson

    Elvis Presley

    [edit] F

    David Farragut

    Lester Flatt

    Ric Flair

    Shelby Foote

    Harold Ford, Jr.

    Tennessee Ernie Ford

    Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Abe Fortas

    Aretha Franklin

    Morgan Freeman

    Bill Frist

    Phillip Fulmer

    Megan Fox

    [edit] G

    Dr. Ernest W. Goodpasture

    Albert Gore, Jr., 45th Vice President of the United States, 1993-2001

    Albert Gore, Sr.

    Yo Gotti

    Lou Graham

    Red Grooms

    [edit] H

    Dalton Raisen Hale

    Dr. William J. Hale

    Alex Haley

    George Hamilton

    Nancy Handy

    W.C. Handy

    Isaac Hayes

    Will Hoge

    Charles O. (Chad) Holliday

    Ed Hooper

    Myles Horton

    Sam Houston

    Thomas Hughes

    Cordell Hull

    Con Hunley

    Dennis Hwang

    [edit] J

    Andrew Jackson, Seventh President of the United States, 1829-1837

    Howell Edmunds Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson

    Claude Jarman Jr.

    William L. Jenkins, U.S. House of Representatives (R-TN-01), 1997-2007

    Michael Jeter

    Andrew Johnson, Seventeenth President of the United States, 1865-1869

    Cave Johnson

    Cherry Jones

    Jesse Holman Jones

    [edit] K

    Estes Kefauver

    David Keith

    Adm. Frank B. Kelso

    Johnny Knoxville

    [edit] L

    Dan Landrum - Hammer dulcimer player

    Jerry "The King" Lawler

    Michael Levine

    Sondra Locke

    Z. Alexander Looby

    Gen. Bryan Douglas Long, Confederate General, 1800-1875

    Horace Lurton

    Andrew Lytle

    [edit] M

    Jean (Faircloth) MacArthur

    "Uncle Dave" Macon

    Johnny Majors

    Delbert Mann

    Sterling Marlin

    Wink Martindale

    Matthew Fontaine Maury

    Tim McCarver

    Brownie McGhee

    Stick McGhee

    Kenneth McKellar

    Jon Meacham

    Chris Moneymaker - poker player from Knoxville

    Shelly Moore - Miss Teen USA 1997

    Mary Noailles Murfree

    Jennifer Mastin

    [edit] N

    Patricia Neal

    Lindsey Nelson

    Alfred O. P. Nicholson

    [edit] O


    [edit] P

    Bettie Page

    John Palmer, former NBC News correspondent

    Hermes Pan

    Cindy Parlow

    Hope Partlow - singer

    Dolly Parton - singer

    Minnie Pearl

    Carl Perkins

    James K. Polk, Eleventh President of the United States, 1845-1849

    Bishop Leonidas Polk

    Annie Potts

    [edit] Q

    Jimmy Quillen

    [edit] R

    John Crow Ransom

    Sam Rayburn

    Brad Renfro

    Grantland Rice

    Brianna Rieffel

    Lee Roberson

    James Robertson

    Oscar Robertson

    John Ross

    Wilma Rudolph

    Thomas Charles Ryan Jr.

    [edit] S

    Clarence Saunders

    John T. Scopes

    Rhea Seddon


    John Sevier

    Cybill Shepherd

    William Shepherd

    Dinah Shore

    Benjamin "Pap" Singleton

    Bessie Smith

    Daniel Smith

    Rachel Smith - Miss USA 2007

    Bobby Sowell

    Duncan Stewart

    John M. Stone

    Thomas S. Stribling

    Pat Summitt

    Frank Sutton

    [edit] T

    Roscoe Tanner

    Quentin Tarantino

    James M. Tate

    Peter Taylor

    Three 6 Mafia

    Fred Dalton Thompson

    Justin Timberlake

    Nathan Townsend

    Tina Turner

    [edit] U


    [edit] W

    Barbara Walker- Miss America 1947

    William Walker

    Hugh Lawson White

    Reggie White

    John S. Wilder

    Reese Witherspoon

    Taylor Ware

    [edit] Y

    Alvin York

    [edit] Z

    Gen. Felix Kirk Zollicoffer

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

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  • 1 decade ago

    Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Payton Manning ( Colt's Quater back! Sorry that's all I know...... good luck on your report!

    Source(s): ~Kristi Miley Cyrus's #1 fan~
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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah i know Miley Cyrus, shes actually my cousin

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  • 1 decade ago

    Elvis Presley

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dolly Parton-Kenny Chesney

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Billy Ray Cyrus is from Kentucky.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i only know miley and billy ray cyrus

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  • 1 decade ago

    Isn't Dolly Partons Dollywood there?

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  • 1 decade ago

    there a lot of rappers from tn!! if this helps they are three 6 mafia, gangsta boo, criminal manne, yo gotti, haystak, gansta blak, project pat, the list goes on!! also lots of country singers too!!

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    fried chicken, and we invinted some nutty desert

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