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Is there another word for synonym?

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    equivalent, substitute

    Some folks will claim that "synonym", ironically, HAS no synonyms. But that is based on a misunderstanding of what a synonym actually is. To be a synonym, a word does NOT have to have exactly the same meaning in all instances. It simply has to be able to convey the same meaning in the context you are trying to use the words in.

    As for "metonym" -- perhaps, in some cases! based on what I just wrote.

    By the way, note that synonym is a noun so suggestions such as the ADJECTIVES "same" or "similar" are a bit off. (These would by synonyms of the adjective form "synonymous")

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    Use your imagination for creating one...

    Maybe... Relatedym :)

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    no that i know of. sorry. you can always check in a thesuarus but i doubt it. i hope i helped!

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    explanation, translation, representation, interpretation

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    "similiar" if you want to rephrase the question or answer.

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