jimmy cater created what to explorealternative methods of energy production?

a)the environmental protection agency

b) the department of energy

c) opec

d) atomic energy commission

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    Jimmy Carter was excellent at taking initiative towards change and oil consumption reduction, if anyone remembers he installed solar panels on the white house which ronald reagan took down because he said they were ugly....so much for progressive change. anyway i am hoping that congress will continue to build on the environmental leadership Carter initiated nearly 30 years ago. i believe he handed the oil crisis well but after he left office there seemed to be alot of inaction on the local and federal level to increase efficiency and reduce our daily consumption of oil.

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    The U. S. Department of Energy,

    It was created by Jimmy Carter in 1977. The agency emphased reducing energy consumption, implementing conservation, and developing alternative energy technologies.

    Jimmy Carter

    State of the Union Address 1981

    January 16, 1981

    The State of the Union is sound. Our economy is recovering from a recession. A national energy plan is in place and our dependence on foreign oil is decreasing. We have been at peace for four uninterrupted years.

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    The Department of Energy... in 1977 ...If anyone remembers the gas crisis and the reduction of the national speed limit to 55... then they would remember this Jimmy Carter brain child !

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    The DOE became a cabinet-level department while Mr. Carter was President. They trace their history back to 1939, however.

    The 55 mph "National Speed Limit" came about by Executive Order of Richard Nixon. National enforcement was accomplished by withholding Federal highway matching funds from States that did not enact 55-mph speed limit laws. Mr. Carter was governor of Georgia at the time.

    Source(s): I was there and watched the TV address. http://www.energy.gov/about/timeline1971-1980.htm
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    The Department of Energy, which has yet to produce a single barrel of oil or any other form of energy. He also declafed the energy crisis of the 70's to be the Moral Equivalent of War (aka MEW) and was unable to defend himself agains killer bunny rabbits.

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