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大家有何意見?( 20分)

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    i've read a book about this. i'm not sure, but it is possible.

    one more thing - somebody believed that Constantine ( the first Roman Christian Emperor ) used his power to rewrite the bible at around 320AD.

    some parts are deleted - those about reborn, the next life in the same world, not heaven...this is very near to buddhist believe.

    i agree with cheng that buddha & christ ( not god ) are quite alike in some way.

    another funny thing - a painting on stone was found from an ancient ruined town in silk road, a buddhist angle was painted - he has a floating ring over his head, and a pair of wings at his back. - just like the western angle.

    the world's culture was exchanged & interact in a way that fast & deep & in large scale, much more than we can imagine.

    so, what is impossible?

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    有所聽聞, 未知真假

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