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20 分!!! 手機聽唔到對方講話

我部vs2 panasonic 去完英國之後我就聽唔到人地講嘢 但如果我開speaker 的話我就可以勉強聽到 係唔係setting問題?

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    Seems hardware problem than setting, may be the earpeice coil open circuit (hoarse ),

    or the audio signal from circuit to earpeice had broken circuit, for check this,It's better for you to check it by a technican, try Digital Sar,call 2332 6051 Richard, provide free inspection.

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    以我的鬼佬朋友話, 英國d無線電話上了密碼, 要解碼才可正常地用到, 建議你去 check check..

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    部vs2 panasonic 有問題

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