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What do you think about these sentences? Correct or not?

1. Don't sit at the draught. You'll feel very cool.

2. I like to play hoopla.

3. Form 3 students will use the book for Form 1. We will shift down the level by one.

4. (Talking to your daughter) Elaine, call me mummy.

5. Move yourself two seats to the right.

6. What is the article for 'man'? 'A' or 'an'?

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    1. I will change COOL to COLD instead.

    2. OK

    3. OK

    4. I think that a lot of mother in the western countries will call themselves MUM instead of Mummy. Mummy should be coming from Egypt and they are all dead people.

    5. OK

    6. OK

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    1. Don't sit at/on the draught(i dont know what is meant by draught).

    You'll get cold (傷風).

    2. I like playing hoopla.

    3. The reading level of is adjusted according to the students' abilities,

    so form 3 students will use the books for form 1.

    4. Elaine, call me mammy.

    5. i guess this's Ok.

    6. A

    Source(s): 我的英文屬只一般,不能說我的答案是完全正確,不好意思
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