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How do you decide what you are going to buy in a supermarket? Do you look in your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards and make a list of the things you need? Do you think about what you want to cook and then buy the food you need for each meal? Even if you do these things, marketing specialists at the supermarket make some of your buying decisions for you.

Specialists in marketing have studied how to make people buy more food in a supermarket. They work for supermarkets and do all kinds of things that you do not even notice. For example, the simple, ordinary food that everybody must buy, like bread, milk, flour, and oil, is spread all over the store. Bread might be in aisle 2 and milk in aisle 10. You have to walk by all the more interesting and more expensive items to find what you need.

The more expensive food is in packages with bright colors and pictures. This food is placed at eye level so you see it right away and want to buy it. The things you have to buy are usually located on a higher or lower shelf. However, candy and other things that children like are on lower shelves so that children can see them easily and ask their parents to buy them. This method of marketing really works. One study showed that when a supermarket moved four products from a low shelf to a shelf to a shelf at eye level, it sold 78 percent more of those products.

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    你決定你要在一家超級市場中買的如何? 你順便探訪你的電冰箱和廚房食櫥而且使一連串的事物你需要嗎? 你關於你想要煮然後買食物你對每一餐的需要想嗎? 即使你做這些事物,在超級市場銷售專家為你作出一些你的買的決定 行銷的專家已經學習該如何在一家超級市場中使人買更多的食物。 他們為超級市場工作而且做你甚至沒注意的各種的事物。舉例來說,每個人都一定要買,像麵包、牛奶、麵粉和油的簡單又平常的食物,在全商店被傳佈。 麵包可能在走廊 10 的走廊 2 和牛奶中。 你必須根據所有的更有趣的而且貴的項目走發現你需要的 比較貴的食物以明亮的顏色和照片在包裹中。 這食物被放置在眼睛水準,如此你立刻見到它而且想要買它。 你必須買的事物通常位於一個更高或更低的架之上。 然而,糖果和孩子同類在較低的架上以便孩子能容易地見到他們而且要求他們的父母買他們的其他的事物。 真的銷售這一個方法運作。 一項研究顯示當一家超級市場移動了四種產品的時候從對一個架的一個低的架到

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