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神鬼奇航3 ”深海女巫”的英文






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    Character history

    Tia Dalma's firefly-surrounded dwelling is a homage to a small shack seen at the beginning of the famous Disneyland ride.

    Tia Dalma is the name the Sea Goddess Calypso went by, when she was bound in human form by the nine pirate lords, and with the help of Davy Jones. The association with Jack Sparrow prior to his recruitment of Hector Barbossa at Tortuga, is a reference to the fact that she was the sea itself. It was previously thought they had been lovers—Jack confessed to having "known" her at a time when they had been "inseparable". After the Binding, Tia Dalma provided him with his compass, a mysterious device that points to that which its user truly desires. [1]

    In the young Jack Sparrow books, she is mentioned to have turned a girl named Constance into a cat. It is also revealed that Jack had known her since he was a child. However, in the movies, she appears younger than Sparrow (although not as young as Will and Elizabeth); this might be further evidence of her as-of-yet-unknown powers- not aging, or simply delaying the process. He also calls her "Mommy dearest" in the seventh book.

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