What is the classical song played in the "Discover Boating" commercial? It sounds like a 50's classic, thx!

It sounds like a song that could've played in a Rock Hudson and Doris Day movie ;)

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    Here's a thread I found on a website....

    Discover Boating Commercial


    Hey I am just curious... Anyone know if the music on the Discover Boating commercial is just made up for the commercial or if it actually is part of something. Because it sounds familular to me like its form a song or movie or something. Of course i have heard several thousand songs in my life and it could just sound really close to one of those several thousand. You can play the commercial at www.discoverboating.com by clicking play on the flash header.

    _____The song is by John Dragonetti a.k.a Jack Drag who is also a member of the band "The Submarines." The version used in the commercial is called "Her Frequency" and is not released on any album but was also featured in an ESPN commercial. It is based on a song he released under the name Jack Drag called "Aviating" on a album of the same name. They're not exactly the same but very similar.


    Here is one that they have on their website www.discoverboating.com.

    I found this info below on a different website.

    This is the unique experience that ad agency Carmichael Lynch tapped into for “A Good Run,” a short film that the Minneapolis-based shop produced for its Discover Boating client. The three-and-a-half minute piece uses a wide range of old film looks, combined with a striking vocal performance, to argue that time on a boat is time well spent.

    “A Good Run” was originally considered for a theatrical release, but the cost proved prohibitive, according to Tabery-Weller. She also says a 60-second cut failed to capture the rhythm of the footage. “A Good Run” now lives on the Internet, though, and can be viewed in its entirety on the Discover Boating website. www.discoverboating.com

    Hope it helps...you can watch both commericails on the website.

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