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How many months until the army paid its life insurance after an active duty miltary member died?

I'm only being realistic here especially after going through a recent funeral arrangement of a loved one (the life insurance co. took 8 months until it paid anything even though the death was due to natural circumstances, cancer and old age along w/ a clean death certificate as well). Fortunately we were able to prepay all of the hurdles associated with a funeral and death before receiving anything from the life insurance co. So I hope nothing happens to my husband when he deploys, but I'm being realistic and would just like to know what time frame I have to brace for since the military has never done anything quickly for the time we've both been associated with it. I have usaa life insurance as well, I wonder if that organization is faster than the SGLI in getting paper work finished. thanks in advance, hope nobody has to make use of their life insurances anymore.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, SGLI is actually a contract with a civilian insurance company for servicemen, so any fears that the government is the reason for delay are not true. I can't remember which company has the contract, but I'd have to look at my SGLI election form to find out.

    Second the government does provide other benefits to assist with costs of funerals, etc. that are separate from SGLI or any other insurance. There is a death gratuity that has now been raised to $100,000 and is delivered within 24 to 48 hours of the members death to the Casualty Assitance Calls Officer (CACO) who delivers it to the spouse. The CACO is assigned to assist the family during this difficult time and help deal with questions such as these. There are other benefits as well and can depend on the situation as far as who next of kin are. Below I placed the link the the Marine Corps casualty assistance page.

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    1 decade ago

    First I will say most insurance companies pay thier death claims within about 60 days after a death certificate and proper identification is presented. If it is longer than that the states insurance commission and the state attorney general should have been contacted.

    next of course the odds of him being killed in Iraq is very small often safer than walking parts of the streets in some parts of NY. But if the unlikely event something happens to him, they react very quickly.

  • 5 years ago

    the answer to maximum of your questions is that militia individuals are plenty like something of the community, some marry coworkers, some marry highschool/homeland sweethearts and some marry people they have met elsewhere. there's a intense divorce fee contained in the militia, the life isn't for anybody and there are a kind of many opportunities for a marraige to fail, yet i recognize quite a few those who've been married 10+ years, myself coated. As for the question of being pregnant, toddler and so on. If an energetic duty Member has a toddler at the same time as married to a unique energetic duty member, they're going to oftentimes ( a minimum of contained in the army) have the couple rotate deployability. between the mother and father is probably to be residing house in any respect cases, although, twin militia mother and father ( and unmarried militia mother and father) are required to have a Familly Care Plan, so that they ought to designate a buddy or buddy to be able of look after the youngster if both/both individuals are deployed. Having a toddler isn't meant to impression your occupation, yet truly that relies upon plenty on the way you take care of it. there are a kind of selections that would should be made. contained in the provider your skill to artwork flat out, stay lengthy and address more beneficial duties can (and may!) impression your progression. a toddler would ought to spend lengthy days at daycare, be left contained in the care of friends/relations for short deployments, and previous due nights/early mornings and at the same time as he/she is ill. Having a sturdy back up and help device is rather needed! That reported, the different facilities continually comic tale that contained in the Air rigidity you may make it residing house earlier 5 popular, and stay away from a number of the more beneficial sturdy elements of the not recognize if this is real, basically declaring :)! sturdy success to you. I forgot to point that unmarried discern energetic duty and twin militia energetic duty get priority on the waiting lists for toddler care on base.....

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