How can I make my own oil paints?

I want to make my own oil paints...any help?

furthermore, can I use dried hibiscus flowers as a pigment?

Thanks! :D

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    You should be able to make your own oil paints. You probably won't want to use a dried hibiscus flower as a paint, because the colors will probably fade or the organic material may not hold up well in a painting and may moulder - you could always do a sample to test it though. (On a weird side note - I've heard that sometimes the remains of a person from a cremation have been incorporated into a painting - I am not completely sure the method for that, but that seems to work, but the remains are probably completely removed of organic components.) There have historically been paint colors of "mummy" brown - that was actually from ground up mummies (yuck), and I think there was a yellow color that was derived from the cattle fed something to make their urine or feces a bright greeny-yellow.

    Usually, to make oil paints involves dry powdered pigments and a grinding system. You can get more information about making oil paints at Sinopia Pigments. They have recipes and photos for various artist materials made out of more basic components, including oil paints.

    Various art supply stores may have dry pigments from various manufacturers. I usually use pastels, and pastel artists can also make pastels from dry pigments, but with pastels the binder that is used is normally gum tragacanth or another gum type binding agents. I think watercolor paints usually have gum arabic as the binder.

    Hope this helps and gives you some ideas.

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    4 years ago

    it depends on the result you want. If you want to work the oils over several days then use linseed oil, or refined linseed oil, if its only for a day or two then use turpentine, but if you want the paint to dry fairly quickly then use white spirit. you can get specialist thinners but they are basically the same thing but in small pots sold for lots of money. The artists handbook is a great source of information for artists with different recipes for mixing different paints, mediums etc...

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