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What positive or negative things has Brian Cashman done as GM of the Yankees?

Brian Cashman seems incapable of making good decisions regarding pitching. Not winning the Dice-K bid was not his fault, because it was a blind bid. But NOT signing Hideki Okajima after he was recommended by Hideki Matsui, was a complete failure. Okajima is AWESOME, and made the Red Sox stronger. Signing Damon was a good move, but the way Bernie Williams was pushed out was not classy. Signing Randy Johnson seemed like the right thing to do, but he did not put up "Big Unit" like numbers, or make an impact in the 2005 or 2006 post season. The Carl Pavano deal was not his fault, but COUNTING on Pavano this year was a very stupid move on Cashman's part. Cashman also signed Kevin Brown, Javier Vasquez, Contreras, Heredia, Karim Garcia, Raul Mondesi, and others. HE LOST Roger Clemens, Jeff Nelson, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens in one season. I think his signing of Hideki Matsui, and negotiating his second contract is the best move.


Keep in mind Gene Michael traded for Paul O'neil, and drafted/groomed Derek Jeter, And Pettitte, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera. Cashman traded away a home grown superstar in Alfonso Soriano, for Alex Rodriguez who has not made an impact in the post season.

Update 2:

I think the Gary Sheffield trade was a bad move. Abreu is NOT as good as Sheffield, and Sheff was signed by Steinbrenner. Cashman seemed to have a grudge against Sheff, because he didn't personally sign him. With all of these rookies starting games for the Yanks this year they have done terrible. Where is all this pitching help that Cashman got for Sheffield? Meanwhile Abreu is terrible and Sheffield is beating the hell out of the ball in Detroit. I agree that Cashman was right to want Vladimir Guerrero over Sheffield when Steinbrenner signed Sheff instead, but at the time Guerrero was injured, and Sheffield produced for the Yanks and could STILL be producing! Sheff's injury last year was a fluke accident, Abreu's slump is a perfect example of his declining abilities, which Cashman should have seen coming.

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    Cashmans +: Johnny Damon & re-signing Pettitte

    Cashmans -: Kevin Brown, Carl Pavano, re-signing Mussina, letting Bernie go, & the mess of middle relief pitchers he has employed over the years, and letting Pettitte go.

    Randy Johnson wasnt a bad move. Sure hes old, but he is still a pretty good pitcher. Dice K wasnt a bad move either. Hes proven hes a good starter but hes not great. Look at his ERA.

    I do think they should have gone after Okajima, as you stated, Matsui wanted him there as well.

    If the Yanks fail to make the playoffs, I think Cashmans gone. And I for one, will be happy to see him leave.

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    No championships by way of fact 2000. that can not be making many Yankees followers chuffed. by way of fact first prevailing the sequence in 1923, right here is the Yankees' longest non-championship season streaks: sixteen -- 1979-ninety 5 (one visual attraction, 1981; no longer counting 1994 right here). 14 -- 1963-seventy six (3 appearances, 1963, 'sixty 4, 'seventy six). 8 -- 2001-08 (2 appearances, 2001, '03). No different season streak longer than 3. And that present day streak could get longer. And, for people who positioned inventory in such issues, ALL of those 26 previous championships have been gained with unique Yankee Stadium by way of fact the team's domicile field. extra functional be hoping that New Yankee Stadium has a number of that olde-tyme mojo working. As for Cashman specially -- hi, now and returned a loose agent does not paintings out. maximum of them in basic terms value funds, yet some value draft possibilities besides, and the place the Yankees easily choose help is in farm production. His drafts have not been panning out nicely, and that hurts lots interior the long term. ----- Sheffield did no longer win the 2003 NL MVP. He did no longer even end 2d; Pujols did. Sheff became third.

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    i think the gary sheffield trade was a good move. The roger clemens move was good just so boston doesnt get him. He shouldve tried to build the bullpen more this past offseason though. All in all i think he is a pretty decent GM.

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    He has enabled the Red Sox to beat them, now that's a positive thing!

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