Child neglect - the McCanns versus child mauled by pet dog?

Grandmother Jaqueline Simpson babysitting her 5 year old grand-daughter who got mauled by pet dog gets prison sentence for child neglect resulting in manslaughter. Her back was turned for five minutes. She is serving time.

The doctors the McCanns backs were turned for hours on end and their daughter has probably also met her death, yet they get public sympathy and money rolling into their limited company they have set up on the strength of their story.

Is there an unwritten law for class? Surely the grandmother must be feeling just as bad so why doesn't she get an audience with te Pope and money and public sympathy?

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    To be fair, the Grandmother with the dog already know her dog was dangerous. That's why she had it. Her son was a drug dealer & she needed the dog for protection.

    Therefore it IS her fault the child died every bit as much as it IS the McCann's fault that their daughter was abducted. They left their kids alone at 2 & 3 years of age. What kind of responsible parent does that? None! Especially in a foreign country when you don't know who is around.

    As for seeing the pope. Well, it just makes me mad.

    Maybe she will be able to conjour up a tear or two for the Pope's benefit.

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    Both equally negligent. Neither the McCanns or the Grandmother of Ellie put those kids welfare first. The only difference is that Ellies Grandmother is from a Family known to be law-breakers and of a "lower class" than the McCanns, and the McCanns have money, and money talks.

    Im getting sick of the Media,s double-standards. People have been hung drawn and quartered by media for much much less than what the McCanns have done. But the media are brown-nosing and faffing about the McCanns as if they are Royalty! WTF is going on? There isnt one journalist or news-reader or media-personality that has come right out and said "These people are WRONG to behave the way they have". Gutless, spineless reporting from all the media.

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    What a good question!

    Although I think it is just as irresponsible to have an illegal breed of dog as it is to leave your child unattended, the difference is this:

    The grandmother of the child savaged by the dog left the little girl unattended in the same way that she had done probably several times and therefore did it without thinking, and it didn't even occur to her that the child was unsafe.

    The McCanns made a premeditated decision to put their children to bed, unsupervised, in a foreign country and leave them for a few hours so they could go out and enjoy themselves, knowing the potential dangers of the situation. I think this is far worse.

    I'm not sure the class of the McCanns is what has led to them not yet being ripped apart by the media. I think it is more a case that Maddie is still missing so the focus is on finding her, and judgement will come later.

    I don't know why Jacqueline Simpson was held responsible for manslaughter as the dog wasn't even hers.

    What she did was thoughtless; what the McCanns did was calculated neglect.

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    If I'm correct with thestory about the dog mauling the child,the grandma was also found to be in possesion of drugs at the time.Obviousley not from the Mary Poppins school of grandmothering skills!I do think that family with the dog should take responsibility for what happened.PIT BULLS ANDOTHER DANGEROUS DOGS SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THIS COUNTRY.The mentality of people that would own that type of dog are morons anyway!However regarding the class thing.The Mcann family don't get my sympathy either.You are correct if this was working class England where this happened on a local housing estate and a couple popped across the road for a pub meal, social services would be knocking at the door,regardless of whether a child was snatched or not.The comments about it being thesame aseating a meal in his garden is sickening HOW BIG IS YOUR GARDEN MRMCANN???And why don't they use their own money seeming as they are so wealthy instead of relying on contributions from the general public?That money should be put in to a fund to give publicity to all missing and neglected children in the country.

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    This grandmother is not a doctor... this is why she was charged!!

    At the end of the day I am not in favour of special treatment for anyone. Child neglect is child neglect and what the grandmother did was also wrong. She owned a "dangerous dog" which she decided to allow around a toddler so I'm afraid that she should have been charged with neglect...

    But this is not my point.. my point is that if the grandmother has been charged so should the McCanns as what they did was equally irresponsible...

    There certainly is a two tier layer when it comes to the Law and I am afraid they we will see more and more cases of professionals literally getting away with murder. If that grandmother was charged.. so should they be!

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    it's all about how it's presented as facts - hopefully after this terrrible event is resolved either way, somone will take the maccann kids away from thier negletful parents

    however it's not very likely because of all the symapthy generated by thier endless media coverage and baiting.

    they are a disgrace for leaving thier kids alone for that length of time i only hope that this will make them more responsible for thier actions.

    i do hope madaline is found safe and well i really do but i think her parents are disgraceful

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    Brilliant Question!

    and difficult to answer. It always seems in any of these cases, it depends on the parents backgrounds how muchpublicity is received. If the Mccans were on low incomes or young parents they would be deemed unfit parents but as the Mccans ar both doctors theres this massive publicity going on. im not for a second saying they deserve this but they must be blaming themselves all the time. As for the Granny, her back was turned for 2 mins, and we all know how hard it is to keep your eyes on a child 24/7 but she shouldnt have been in the same house as a dangerous dog.

    I think its easy to judge from the outside, saying id never leave my kids alone for a second, i think the Mcanns made a stupid mistake and whetever happens to Maddie they'll be paying for it for the rest of their lives

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    That is a really good question, the McCanns clearly neglected their children and the second they get back in the UK social services should pay them a visit.

  • 1 decade ago

    Both these case have resulted in the death or possible death of a child. Class should not come into this but I do think that it is time that Paxo interviewed these two saints.

  • 1 decade ago

    both of them were really wrong and i dont think its fair that the grandmother got locked up and the McCanns are gettin sympathy..

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