how can i make money while i am sitting at home?

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    There are a range of different ways in which you can make money online and mainly these include:

    Content Sites - so generating adsense income and affiliate income from products you promote

    Affiliate Marketing itself- promoting products from other people

    Your Own Information Products - creating your own products and selling them/or getting others to sell them for you.

    I will put a number of free links in the source box that will give you information that might be useful.

    One of the most effective ways of getting started in Internet Maketing or making money on the internet at the moment is Squidoo.

    Let's just recap on what Squidoo actually is. It's a community of people who are building web pages, which they call lenses, in a diverse range of subjects. In fact the range of topics is incredibly diverse and you can find lenses on just about every subject imaginable and some you might not imagine! Everybody from the hobby enthusiast to the business person is now recognising the power that Squidoo provides to connect with others who share their interests or might be potential customers.

    Squidoo also epitomises what Web 2.0 or what is becoming known as the Social Internet is all about because it provides you with so many opportunities to enable your visitors to interact with you. Whether you want to

    The other great thing about Squidoo lens building is that it is easy! Through a series of preformatted modules you are able to shape your lenses exactly how you want.

    Now let's think about why we as Internet Marketers should use Squidoo. Well let's first see what those nice people at Squidoo said when asked why you should use them:

    • It's free;

    • It's amazingly easy to set up;

    • People with lenses get more traffic to their blogs and other sites;

    • People with lenses earn money from the lenses themselves - In fact I use that last one to donate some money to Charity so you even get the opportunity to feel good using them!

    From a Marketer's perspective this is ideal! It gives you a great opportunity to create a series of lenses around what are termed the "long tail" phrases within the niches in which you operate. You can drive visitors to your other sites in the niches in which you operate and to your blogs and of course to your affiliate links! For those of you who like me use Firefox they have also added a rather nifty Firefox extension!

    In fact what I have been using Squidoo to do is:

    • Generate Affiliate Income;

    • Drive Visitors to My Websites and Blogs;

    • Generate Subscribers;

    • Turn PLR Articles into money Generators;

    • Achieve Top Ten Ranking on Google

    • Make Donations to Charity!

    It appears at the moment that our friends at Google really seem to like Squidoo. So we want to take advantage of that don't we? I know that with the majority of the lenses I create I can fairly rapidly get into the 1st to 3rd page of Google Search Results.

    Indeed, I recently created a demonstration Squidoo Lens and within a week it was in 10th position out of 4,450,000 results for its' keyword phrase. Not a bad result in a week I am sure you will agree!

    The other thing that is worth noting is that at the moment there are many keyword phrases still available on Squidoo. So whether you are a hobby enthusiast, a small business looking to grow your business or an Internet Marketer keen on promoting affiliate products Squidoo is the place to be!

    Hope that helps to get you started



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    Source(s): Get Money Taking Surveys -
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi Coco

    You could check this one out as well.

    There are a number of good, no-scam programs around for the home-business person. That's if this what you wish to do. Some have an extremely high return for a little work and low cost to stay with it.

    The one I'm involved in is GDI, and they actually give their phone number and office address on the site. So, this is one that's not a scam.

    Go to my site and click on the banner

    It may of interest to you.

    Cheers, Peter

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  • Joyce
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    4 years ago

    I started by selling some old junk around the house on Ebay. Moved on to buying and selling from craigslist to Ebay. If you don't have any money to start with, or junk around the house than there are some programs that can make you money with no money down. Just visit my profile page, to get more info.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well a lot of people are making money building website. i don't know whether you realize it or not. but that is one way of making good money online.

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  • 4 years ago

    Get Cash Taking Surveys -

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  • Pauly
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    1 decade ago

    Get employed by one of those 1-900 sex lines. or just keep collecting the gov't cheese.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If u find out please let me know :-)

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