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我想了解 這篇在講什麼!?(全部都要翻譯)5


On a warm July morning, in the sapphire-colored waters west of the Spanish Island of Ibiza, six purse-seine boats from three competing companies searched for giant bluefin tuna. The purse seiners—named for their conical, purse-like nets, which are drawn closed from the bottom—were guided by three spotter aircraft that crisscrossed the sky like vultures.

In the center of the action was Txema Galaz Ugalde, a Basque marine biologist, diver, and fisherman who helps run Ecolofish, one of 69 tuna ranching, or fattening, operations that have sprung up through the Mediterranean. A small company, Ecolofish owns five purse-seiners. Its main rival that morning was the tuna baron of the Mediterranean, Francisco Fuentes of Ricardo Fuentes and Sons, whose industrial scale operations have been chewing up giant bluefin stocks.

I was with Galaz on La Viveta Segunda—a 72-foot (22-meter) support vessel that was part of the fleet of dive boats and cage-towing tugs following the purse seiners. Around 11 a.m., the spotter planes spied a school, setting the purse seiners on a 19-knot dash. The stakes were high. Even a small school of 200 bluefin can fetch more than half a million dollars on the Japanese market. Galaz watched through binoculars as an Ecolofish seiner reached the school first and began encircling it with a mile-long net.

"He's fishing!" Galaz shouted. "He's shooting the net!"

It was not an unalloyed victory. Before Ecolofish's boat could complete its circle, a Fuentes seiner rushed forward and stopped just short of the unfurling net. Under one of the few rules that exist in the free-for-all for Mediterranean bluefin, this symbolic touch entitled the competing boat to split the catch fifty-fifty.

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    在一溫暖七月早晨, 在這青玉-彩色的沃特斯西方的這西班牙文島的伊比沙島, 六錢包-曳網小船從三競爭公司搜索為了巨人金槍魚鮪. 錢包圍網漁船—命名為了他們的圓錐的,錢包-喜歡網,這被拉關從底部—3個私人偵探指導飛行器畫十字形於天空如同禿鷹的.

    在中心的行動在Txema Galaz Ugalde,巴斯克語海產的生物學者, 跳水者,和漁民誰幫助跑Ecolofish,一個條 69條鮪魚經營牧場,正被養肥的,操作那個跳躍了向上穿過地中海. 小的公司,Ecolofish擁有5隻錢包-圍網漁船. 它的主要競爭者那個早晨是這鮪男爵的這地中海, 弗朗西斯科Fuentes的裡卡多Fuentes和兒子, 誰的企業的刻度操作有是咀爵向上巨人金槍魚樹幹.

    我是和Galaz上鑭Viveta Segunda—72-足 (22-儀錶) 支持容器在分開的艦隊的潛水小船和籠子-牽引拖船跟隨錢包圍網漁船的. 四處11午前., 私人偵探平面偵察學校,放置錢包圍網漁船上19-結衝撞. 樹樁是高的. 即使小的學校的200條金槍魚比一半百萬美元準時地日本的市場能取來更多的. Galaz看穿過雙眼望遠鏡當做Ecolofish圍網漁船到達學校首先和開始圍繞它和一哩-長淨餘的.

    "他是釣魚!" Galaz呼喊. "他在射擊淨餘的人!"

    有人不純粹的勝利. 之前Ecolofish的小船會完成它的圓圈,Fuentes圍網漁船匆忙地做向前地和停止僅僅缺乏展開淨餘的. 在下面一的這少數管理那個存在在這自由-為了-全部為了地中海金槍魚, 這象徵觸摸有資格的這競爭小船到劈開這抓住五十-五十. .

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