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我想了解 這篇在講什麼!?(全部都要翻譯)2


The decimation of giant bluefin is emblematic of everything wrong with global fisheries today: the vastly increased killing power of new fishing technology, the shadowy network of international companies making huge profits from the trade, negligent fisheries management and enforcement, and consumers' indifference to the fate of the fish they choose to buy.

The world's oceans are a shadow of what they once were. With a few notable exceptions, such as well-managed fisheries in Alaska, Iceland, and New Zealand, the number of fish swimming the seas is a fraction of what it was a century ago. Marine biologists differ on the extent of the decline. Some argue that stocks of many large oceangoing fish have fallen by 80 to 90 percent, while others say the declines have been less steep. But all agree that, in most places, too many boats are chasing too few fish.

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    屠殺的巨人金槍魚在象徵的今天的每件事錯誤的和全球的漁業: 這廣大增強的致命的勢力的新釣魚工藝術, 這朦朧網路的國際性的公司製造巨大的利潤從這交易, 疏忽漁業管理和實施, 和consumers'漠不關心到這命運的這魚他們選擇到買.

    世界的海洋的他們曾經是的陰影. 和一些值得注意的例外,諸如井-managed漁業在阿拉斯加, 冰島,和紐西蘭,數字的魚遊過海的它是世紀以前的片斷. 海運業生物學者不同準時地廣度的下垂. 一些爭辯那個樹幹的許多的大的遠洋航行的魚落下了以80到90%,直到其他說下垂有是較少地陡峭的. 但是異口同聲,在最多的安排,太多小船在追趕也很少的魚. .

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