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要上台Show And Tell所以寫了一段話 請大家幫我翻成英文~字彙不用很難



它的造型是卡通 “小熊維尼”裡的皮傑。




這隻原子筆非常的可愛有趣。當你在寫字時,筆上方的皮傑就會閃爍紅色的光。雖然現在它已經沒電了,寫字時不再閃爍紅光,但是我依然非常的珍惜這隻筆。每次當我心煩意亂讀不下書的時候,我便會使用這隻筆,.而它總是能使我定下心來讀書 。並且當我每次用這隻筆時,我就會想起我的好友對我的支持與鼓勵,那讓我更有元氣專心於我的學業。

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    翻譯軟體是不錯,不過有些翻譯得注意,像是小熊維尼應該是Winnie Pooh....我的英文不怎麼好,不過我嘗試用簡單的英文翻看看,你就挑你覺得不錯的翻譯!!

    This is a disney style pen.It covered with disney character Winnie pooh.Eventhough it is not the only one in the world but for me, it is unique.This pen is a gift from my senior high school studnet for encouraging me because I faced exam.Everyone made so much effort for preparing the test and me either.

    All that we have to do everyday was the same things and the pressure from test push me into a hard time,I felt so tired and out off energy. At that monent,it seems that my best friend felt my unhappy mood.She knew that I like the disney cartoon winnie pooh.For encouring me and hold on continuely for exam,she gave me this disney style pen and let me having more pleasure when I was studying.

    This pen was really interesting.Since you wrote something,the character on the top of pen would shinning in red light.Now,it was not shinning any more when I am writing but I still keep it as a treasure.Everytime I could not come down to read,I would hold it on my hand.By doing so,I felt peace in my heart. However,since I use this pen it will remind me to think about the surpport and encourage from my best friend.It made me focuse on my study.

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    This is the ball-point pen of a Disney cartoon shape.

    Its shape is the skin hero in the cartoon"small bear Wei Ni".

    Although this ball-point pen is not an only of the world, to me it is the one and only.Because this pen is I during the days in the senior high school of good friend, for encouraging me and sending one of my pen.

    That time I face to face face a senior high school appointed test a section, for passing examination an ideal school, everyone makes great effort very much of preparation examination, certainly I am no exception.

    Everyday fixed and unchangeable work and rest, is examined to chase of the pressure make me almost and deeply however the spirit comes, feeling very tired.And my super and good friend seemed to be to also feel me not happy, she knew I like a cartoon character skin hero very much, so continue to support bottom for encouraging me, like prepare to point to test, and make a little fun while studying, so she sends the ball-point pen of this skin hero's shape to me.

    This ball-point pen very of the amiability is interesting.When you are writing, pen above of the skin hero will gleam red light.Although it hasn't given or got an electric shock now, no longer gleaming red light while writing, I still keep cherishing this pen very much.Each time when my confused and worried reads not to descend a book, I will use this pen then, .And it can always make me calm mind to study.And when I use this pen each time, I will remind of my good friend's support to me and encouragement, that studies which lets me have vitality more to concentrate on me.


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