Can you please help me with my lip piercing (It looks like it's growing a wart or something)!?

I am crying hysterically because I had it done in January and in the past few weeks the area around the piercing has because swollen and it looks like a wart! I don't know what to do or what it is......I'm thinking that this piercing is the worst mistake of my life! Please, please help me.....Please.

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    I'm really hoping you don't still have anything in your lip. If so, please remove it.

    Then take a washcloth with hot water on it, hold it to the hole so it covers both sides of it and hold it there until the washcloth cools. Repeat this several times.

    Once you have it nice and soft check to see if there's any discharge or puss.

    If not, clean it carefully with alcohol.

    Let it breathe.

    You may have an allergy to metal and it has actually discolored your skin or very poor circulation and it just never healed properly.

    It's really a bit late for you to have an infection unless you tore it and opened it up again. If it was pierced in January it should have been healed up.

    If it didn't heal - in all that time - it will get better just by removing the piece.

    The one thing I would see a dermatologist about is the fact that you may have a permanent mark - sort of a tattoo. They may have some ideas of how to remove the discoloration.

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    Are you sure it's not a cold sore? Cold sores are red, sometimes whitish with a bit of puss, and a tingling sensation on the spot.

    Since it's been 5 months since you got the piercing, I think it's safe to rule out infections with the piercing itself, since 5 months is plenty of time for the piercing to heal. It could be, like someone above me already stated, maybe you tore open the lip and that part is infected. Without seeing you first hand, or even pictures, it's hard to say really.

    You should get it checked out by your doctor. If it's an infection, they can give you anti-biotics to take care of the infection. If you haven't done it already, I suggest taking the piercing out until you have it looked at.

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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I would call the piercer and see what they suggest. I had my lip pierced about 9 months ago (I have since taken it out and let it close). They do swell up pretty badly for the first week or so. I always recommend a ring as started jewelry b/c they are easier to clean and allow for swelling and natural movement. The only piercing I have that was pierced with a barbell is the bottom of my navel (I have 2 navel rings, my nipples, and hood) and it swelled the most are was the sorest of all my piercings. See if maybe the piercer will change your jewelry to a ring for the duration of your healing....honestly, they are a lot easier.

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    Ive always said, anyone that is stupid enough to do something like that gets what they deserve...

    but I will save my cynicism since it appears you really regret your mistake.

    I'm assuming you've already seen a doc about this. If not, then that's obviously your first step.

    Sounds like it may be infected.

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    you should get your piercer's contact first and ask him,

    then go to your doctor anything else happen to you

    it is up to you and your piercer.

    i got mine like just a week ago then after that the swelling


    you should at least drink a sea salt solution so it won't get worst.

    proper care mate.

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