my sign is capricorn tell me everthing about it..........(real predictions)?



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    1 decade ago
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    u r hardworking n smart......with little effort u can be successful. some people might think that u r boring because sometimes u like to be quiet....u can be very funy at times, but overall u r a serious person. u r a woman with class n thus has good lady like qualities.....dancing dirty with 100 people should get on your nerves. u like cleanliness n order.

    u r ambitious....this can make u little stingy....u really want to save money for future use. also, u might want to marry a guy who has a good degree n a reliable bank account since u r a status freak.

    love is a serious matter for u....u will keep suffering in asthma unless u r promised security in it...being romantic comes easily to u when u r in sex therefore u can be very creative....but u demand intensity from your partner as u have it in u. however, capricorn girls r not always lucky in love n therefore u might have to break up too many times...but dont worry, your last man should be the ultimate man for u. n u will make good wife since u r traditional when it comes to maintaining home environment.

    Source(s): i am a cappy too...have done studies about my character
  • 1 decade ago

    it do because it told me

    i am a leo to and more stuff but i dont have time to put more stuff up here but here go something

    Source(s): my color is gold i am a lion
  • 1 decade ago

    you want me so bad you only have eyes for me and yes you are a very hard worker and all the money you make you well spend on me and about your health be very careful about your bones especilly your knee caps

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