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My Ten year old Daughter has hair on her armpits and pubic hair. Is her period to close to follow?

I need help. My 10 year old has hair down there. She is a twin and her sister has none. I already had to help her shave her armpits and I am worried that she will start her period soon. I am not ready for that.


Thnaks for all the great info!!!! I have taught her all about using a pad and she is very comfprtable talking to be. But she go's to her dads everyother weekend. So that worries me.

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    She may start her period soon. Remember, everyone is different, so even though she is a twin, her sister will not always do everything at the same time.

    As long as you prepare your daughter about what she should expect, and how she can be ready for it, don't worry about sending her off to her dads.

    Explain to her the different types of protection out there, such as pads with wings, tampons, long vs. short pads, etc.

    You should also try to explain to her what is happening to her body. Many girls get scared, and really it is about them becoming a woman. It is a time to celebrate. You should celebrate it with her.

    This is a new phase in your daughters life.

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    Ready Or Not It's gonna happen, I was 9. they grow up way to fast huh, Just take a deep breath and get ready for the talk, Be ready to explain, I know they learn all that stuff from school and there friends, But it's great to get a little reasurrance from Mom. Good Luck, I have Three teen girls... Been there, Done that....

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    Probably. Those are some of the signs of a maturing body. If her breasts are developing and she is having to shave already, it may not be a long time. Sounds like it is time to have the "talk" with her about periods so she doesn't freak out when it happens. Earlier maturation is common these days due to better nutrition. I have heard of many 10 year old girls starting their cycles.

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    Once hair starts growing, puberty has begun and her periods are likely to start within the next year or so (maybe next month, you never know).

    So as mom you need to get ready for this so you can educate them to be healthy and responsible teens.

    One twin is a little ahead of the other, but they will both be there before you know it.

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    Like everyone says just answer her questions and be there for her. I remember my twin sister started when we went on family vacation and I started the month after she did.

    Her twin is different from her, yes. But remember she may just be a little ways behind her. Which can make it easier to explain different things to both of them at the same time.

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    I started my period when i was 11. I had started developing before that, like when i was ten. So yeah i would say it's about that time. As for her sister, even though they are twins, she's a different person so she might start it right away. Good luck.

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    Yes - she's growing up and her period could come at any time regardless of whether you're ready or not. Even though she has a twin sister, she's an individual who will grow and mature at her own rate.

    Source(s): A mother who's been there.
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    Its usually about 2-3 years after the hair starts. So relax, she still has some time. Its gonna come eventually so don't worry about it.

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    most likely not. i got pubic hair down there about 2 years before my period

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