Pirates nations?

In China there was Ching Shih, in India, Kanhoji Angria, in the Caribbean, Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, and Bartholomew Roberts. From what nations did most pirates come from? Were there any Portuguese Pirates?


Are there any pirate hot spots today?

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    Pirates could have been from any nation. It a bit like asking which nationality a bank-robber is from! But I know what you mean.

    Most of the western pirates would have been British, Spanish, Portugese, French or from the Ottoman Empire (Turkish). The rule of thumb is that the larger European naval powers had there fair share of crews that slipped into piracy.

    I can't think of any names off the top of my head, but at least thats the area you would be looking at. Portugese colonies were certainly active in South America, so it is entirely possible that there were Portugese pirates.

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    Cannot answers your first few questions, about past pirates, but as for now, the sea area around Malaysia, Indonesia and India, are the places where most modern pirates operates. Also, they are some along the coast of Africa.

    Only for this, most international shipping companies that need to go in south east Asia does so by Singapore, as it is the only way to avoid those Pirates...

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    The Ottoman Empire in North Africa in the Barbary States had Corsair pirates that used 2 attack American merchant ships in the 1800s

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