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error : reboot and select proper boot device?

There was a power outage in my neighborhood and when I got home my pc wouldn't turn on. I replaced the PSU and I get power, but now I get "reboot and select proper boot device" I double checked to see if there is power going to my hard drive...and as far as i can see, there's no connection from the PSU to it. I read that the error message could possibly mean it's not recognizing my hard drive...could it be any other hardware problem? Like my hard drive is dead?


ok thanks you there ANY WAY IN HELL i can use the xp key on the side off my pc to get a disc from or anything?

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    You say there is no connection from the power supply to the hard drive, well there has to be. The hard drive gets it's power from the power supply. Plug in the four prong connector coming from the power supply and your computer will most probably work fine.

    The ribbon cable is a communication cable, it does not power the hard drive.

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    turn your computer off and turn it back on. before it boots up (comes on) hit the F10 key. This will send you into setup mode which is pretty self explainatory once your there. You need to scroll to find your boot order. You'll find a list including floppy (if applicable) disk, CD ROM, and Hard Drive (I believe). Most computers follow the same bootup device list which is CD ROM, Hard Drive, and floppy. Set your list in that order and save changes. Reboot and you should be okay. I'd go back to the purchaser and request the XP disc as you may need it for several things in the future. Oh, if your computer doesn't go to setup mode on F10, try F8 and then F5 One of them should work. I also suggest that you read your manual and become familiar with the built in system tools. There is a feature which you use to save the configuration of your entire computer at any given point (date). If you run into problems (especially without the XP disc) you can go to the tools and hit the return to configuration date you previously saved everything at. I'm a little rusty having been away from the job for over a year (computer recycling) so I hope my info helps out.

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    ya, it sounds like your hard drive got hit. see if you can boot from a windows cd or w/e. if you can then i would assume your hard drive is no more. hopefully that's not the case though. good luck.

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    NO OS. Reinstall OS.

    Good Luck


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    go into bios and load defaults .. and maybe reset cmos first ..

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