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bb asked in Arts & HumanitiesDancing · 1 decade ago

tap shoes?

should i get tie on or the buckle kind. i like the buckle kind because they look good on stage and look cute! but which ones are best?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If you're serious about tap dancing, a lace up shoe is the absolute BEST way to go.

    A lace up shoe is the best way to go because they're durable, dependable, and they just plain sound better!

    If you're worried about the cutesy, stage appearance of your shoes, I suggest Brenda Bufinilino's tap shoe. It's lace up, has a GREAT soundboard, and it's a really cute shoe! I know she sells them wherever she gives master classes, but I think you can also buy them on her website,

    I also recommend getting your shoes built up. This means that there's a double shank on the bottom of your shoe.

    I'm pretty sure that capezeo now has a shoe that comes already built up, as do SoDanca, although the SoDanca shoes don't have the TeleTone taps on the bottom, and they don't sound as good.

    A build up will make your tap sounds deeper and more audible to the audience. Also, the added weight and widened area near the top of your foot will help you master more advanced tap steps and tricks faster. It just takes a little getting used to.

    hope this helped!

  • 1 decade ago

    I wear two types of tap shoes, both leo's brand. The first pair have no buckle or tie, they just slip on. I like them because they are good for quick changes for performances, and they are very comfortable. The second pair are character shoes with a t-strao buckle that I had taps put on them (ultratone taps).

    They are both great shoes :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well bb, let me tell you... If you want to spend good money on a good pair of tap shoes (and I mean really good) then you should look into the Capezio K360s. These are the shoes that all the pro's are wearing right now. They were worn by Heinz himself. Another good brand (I wear these ones) is called "Just Tap". They have a website, and they custom make them to fit your feet exactly (and are also expensive). And one last brand are called the "Miller and Ben" tap shoes. The fun thing about "Just Tap" and "Miller and Ben" is that you can get shoes in almost any color you want. Miller and Ben have a huge selection of colors, styles, and taps to put on them. A ton of pros also wear the Miller and Ben shoes. Miller and Ben sells ones with buckles as well as with ties, and K360s and Just Tap shoes are both tie up. You can get K360s and Just Tap shoes built up, but with Miller and Ben they come with the build already in them depending on the style you get. Here are a few links for you... (when you follow this link, find the tab that says Miller and Ben tap shoes, then click "models on sale")

    and then you can pretty much find the K360 on any dance wear website out there.

    All of these shoes produce amazing sound and are widely regarded as the best shoes around. My personal favorites are the Miller and Ben shoes, but I hope you find ones that you like. I hope this was of some help. Happy dancing!!!

    Source(s): I'm a "hard core" tapper!!!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I alternate between dollies and bloch tapflex. the tapflex are more comfy but you cant beat a teletone tap on a dolly! Course, if you wanted a dolly you need to order them from Bailey Slipper...I swear, the rest are imposters, lol!

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  • 1 decade ago

    performances, buckle. lessons and just pracice ties

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