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Is Amnesty for Illegal Aliens worth $40,000 to your Family?

Is Amnesty for Illegals worth $40,000 to your family?

The Heritage Foundation estimates the current Bush/Kennedy Senate immigration bill will cost - 2.5 Trillion.

Why won't the Senate provide an estimate? You know it has to cost *something*. If they have a different figure, I'm all ears. If another organization thinks the cost is something else, tell us!

that comes to $8,333 for every man, woman and child in America.

No joke: 2.5 trillion/300 million = 8,333

Now, many in America, such as the illegal aliens themselves, can't afford to pay anything

So, expect a surcharge to make up the difference for each $8,333 you are assessed for each member of your family, if you are able to pay taxes, say $40,000 for a family of four.

do you think that's a fair punishment to your family for other people's breaking of the law?

oh- by the way, that's on TOP of what your family already owes for the national debt, of $117,333 for a family of 4 (not adjusted for those who cant pay at all)

what's another $40,000?

If everyone who is outraged by this called their congress rep and senators, this would NOT PASS

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    Not to mention the hidden costs. Every item in this country that is supply/demand priced will cost more. We will pay more for gasoline, electricity, housing, natural gas, etc.

    Pretty scary since the very wealthy will leave this country before paying the exorbitant tax increases that will HAVE to occur to fund this. I wonder if the increases to our medical care is included in that estimate - I don't think it was so......add a few more thousand to every families cost for this amnesty.

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    This question effects my family, as an American we take for granted what we have. And yes we would pay 40,000 to keep my sons father here in America. He is a tax paying citizen, with a social security number, a human being and he is a benefit to society. He does not depend on the government what so ever to be in this country. He does have his own health insurance and has had it since he has been here. We are all human beings and no one deserves to not have the same opportunities as any other human being. We treat some low life Americans better than someone from another country who wants to live the American dream just because they were born in another country. All of our grandparents, great grandparents and so forth down the line came from some other country. Everyone needs to wake up and find the real problems, sending back illegal immigrants will not change anything. There will just be another excuse out there. No one should be given a free ride and that is not what some of the illegal immigrants are asking for just a chance to be productive in this country, if not then we should not just hand them what they need or want.

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    THEY ARE WORTH NOTHING TO ME. They do not benefit America. They only destroy!

    The $2.5 TRILLION cost is only part of the expense. That's only for retirement & medicare costs. They estimate that taxpayers will be shelling out half a million for each illegal, over their lifetime. What about American citizens that have been paying into the system? They say SS is going bankrupt and we might not get anything. But they are planning on taking care of the illegals. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere!

    The Sentate just voted down an ammendment that would have eliminated the amnesty portion of their piece of crap bill. Only 29 Senators voted for the amendment. The 66 Senators are now on record that they are pro-amnesty!!!

    Call them. Hound them. Let them know that they are wrong and that you are angry! They are on recess right now so call their local offices. Fill up their mailboxes with messages.

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    They are worth nothing to me and I'm sick of paying for them. I heard yesterday that the $2.5 TRILLION figure is only to cover their RETIREMENT. That figure doesn't include all the other freebies they get! It is also estimated that we will have to shell out a half a million dollars, over their lifetime, of every illegal that is granted amnesty. Most people don't make a half a million over their lifetime but tax payers are paying that for the illegal alien criminals that are breaking our laws. The more I hear about this piece of crap the more I hate it and the people that are supporting it! I am disgusted and really pissed off! I have been sending numerous emails to the morons in Washington.

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    I think I recall seeing the Congressional Budget Office's estimate of the cost which they set at about 2-3 trillion. You've done your homework on the numbers in your premise, but the Congressional attitude is that there's no amount of money that's too much for a few more votes. Sounds like we're all a bunch of suckers, huh?

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    Some economists who are independent from both sides are estimating the number even higher if important changes are not made.

    The reason the Senate is not providing an estimate is because they do not want the public to know, people would be shocked by the results and more would be against the plan. Its needs to be featured on "The fleecing of America" series.

    Already called and faxed my state leaders and also presidential candidates.

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    good question , also you forgot to mention the exra cost to the American tax payer for the welfare , medical, education etc that will be passed on to the tax payer, also when are the

    american public get tired of bringing in these Africans to

    America many have A,I,D,S, and other diases that will be spread to our people, and the cost of treating them when our people need so much help, I can't afford the medical that these people get and I am a retired veteran who fought for this country, what the hell have they did I saw wher one black woman was wanting her welfare check before she got off of the ship, whenis enough , enough?

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    Maybe we should just set up a cashier at the border and charge an $8333 admission charge per person to enter the US. If there're already here, just pay up your $8333 & you can stay! Of course now they'll actually have to PAY for medical care when they go to the emergency room. (right now they don't pay anything & I pay double).......etc.

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    The government has money for wars, but cant feed the poor or help the poor illegals.

    Typical latin style socialist attitude. You want something for nothing. its not up to Americans to feed or take care of your poor.

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    The government has money for wars, but cant feed the poor or help the poor illegals.

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