Racist militias in Alabama?

I live in Alabama and I have heard of numerous white-supremacist militias that are threatening to kill anyone "Mexican-looking." Not too long ago they seized some of their headquarters where they had grenade launchers and other types of weapons. What are your thoughts on this?

Update 4:

Fork, Mexicans may be racist but they are not extremist. Mexicans never made anyone sit in the back of the bus. Mexicans never formed supremacist, terrorist clans against any ethnic group. Latin American Spanish has no racial slurs like English does. Mexicans never enacted an immigration act that would restrict people from a certain race to immigrate.

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    I live in Alabama as well and I read the same thing

    I think its sick!

    They are treating Mexicans just like they did Black people back in the day in Alabama! Think of it! People just need someone to pick on! I'm married to an awesome Mexican man. He takes care of me, loves me and does anything to make me happy. He has lived in the states for 5 years graduated high school here, has job, and still takes care of his family that also lives here.

    Mexicans are good people too. These raciest people just see the skin, culture and speech. Behind that they are human too. Just like me and you. Just because they are different doesn't mean go shot them! I would kill if someone killed my husband because he was a Mexican.

    I really hope that all these raciest people never go eat at Mexican restaurants! Most of the time they are owned and operated by once illegal immigrants!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    I don't like the idea at all, but I wonder if it is true. I have seen all sorts of outlandish stuff published in immigrant oriented press (and in far right wing press for that matter.)

    HOWEVER, I did see an article yesterday about a man who invited a Hispanic neighbor over to his house in order to shoot him.

    That is disgusting. I hope any whack jobs with the idea that because we are anti illegal immigration we would in any way support that sort of action disabuse themselves of that, quickly. Hopefully before anyone gets hurt.

    I DO think that the rest of us need to make it clear that violence against people you may dislike is no more acceptable today than it ever was.


    stop it with how saintly Mexicans are. They have good and bad like anyone else. Mexican gangs in Los Angeles have been known to shoot and kill black school girls who walked in an area the Mexican gangs considered 'no black' zones. Don't try to universalize extremism.

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    What do you expect after watching the invaders burn the American flag, wave the Mexican rag in the streets, and tell us they're going to take "their" land back? It's unfortunate that people are beginning to look at violent solutions, but the arrogance and racism of the invaders makes it very understandable.

    That being said, I have no problem with them going to jail, because I believe that enforcement of law is necessary for a safe and orderly society, which is why I want to see ALL of the invaders rounded up and deported and everyone who aided or hired them sitting in prison right next to those boys from Alabama.

    Addition: Why don't you ask the people in Chiapas about Mexican extremism?



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    1 decade ago

    The South has always had a history of violence agianst ppl based on their ethnicities not just Mexicans. Call the cops on them or move away.

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    1 decade ago

    that if they ever said that to me. I'd personally run screaming and or kick their asses. that is ridiculous. my husband is Mexican American. and so are my kids. I'd fight to the death for them.

    but I'm still against illegal immigration.

    on another note, im stuck in between a rock and a hard spot. i am afraid of crazy white supremacist and i am afraid of crazy illegal immigrants that want to use violence.


    i'm not saying all illegal immigrants are crazy and want to use violence and i am not saying all white people are crazy supremacist.

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    1 decade ago

    Answer:Yes, darn few. What, Six guys...How many are in La Razza.

    Details: America's Hispanic population, legal and invader is now just over ten present (10%)...But overall in America average 26% to 33% of the prison populations...

    Let's compare honour and intent.

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    My thoughts are that this is completely irrelevant unless you can find some kind of documentation to back it up, just like an illegal's "right" to be here.

    I doubt that they are racist. I've seen some of the things that you post. You support illegals. With that being said, your little "racist militia" is probably trying to rid the area of illegals. I think it's about time that SOMEONE does it.

    If they really ARE racist (which I doubt, given some of your earlier posts), you should hide.


    "Neighbors previously described some of the men as railing against illegal immigrants and the federal government."

    This does not make what they did right, mind you, but it doesn't make them racist, either.

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    1 decade ago

    It's not a shock to me. I've traveled all over this great country, and not to be offensive or rude but your area of the country is infested with backwards and racist people. I know it may be hard to swallow, but once you cross that Mason/Dixie line it's almost like a whole other country.

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    The most racist guy i know is from Brooklyn. I live in the south. I am white. I see none of the racism you speak of. Illegal Immigrants come from all nations. Americans want legal immigration. Secure borders,and criminal illegals deported. Race has nothing to do with it. Those who say it does are grasping at straws.

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    1 decade ago

    If it is true, it is crap, and they should be punished.

    Criminal (illegal) immigrants need to be sent home using non-violence...unless they become violent, then send them home in a box.

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