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Scooter will get 3 years for lying to a grand jury. Will Bush pardon him? Does Bush condone this ?

"Mr. Libby's prosecution was based not upon politics but upon his own conduct, as well as upon a principle fundamental to preserving our judicial system's independence from politics:"Fitgerald's Friday court filing to the US District Court.


Carolina: Any witness who raises his/her hand and swears to tell the truth and takes an oath in a judicial proceeding, or gives a statement to federal law enforcement officers is require to tell the truth - Libby failed to do so. Even Rove avoided this pitfall.

Libby was pretty stupid to think he could lie and get by with it -

Update 2:

Nice deflection there Chad. So... LIbby is in trouble due to Clinton?

Update 3:

pantagruel: At least we got Libby for something !

But yes, we are talking about treason. Starting wars under false premises and betraying the identity of a NOC CIA officer for political revenge. So how's Gargantua these days ? I totally agree.

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    WATER-GATE ,the crime got forgotten and all that was done was to convict for lying about what they knew. Nobody went down for the REAL CRIMES but for perjury and obstructing justice, not treason or election fraud or war crimes. Scooter Libby was guilty of much more than perjury! It's as if a bank-robber got caught, but only got convicted of lying about being a petty thief. The whole bunch of Bushrovians need to GO TO PRISON FOR TREASON !

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    He should pardon him. The obstructionist Dems are railroading everyone they can to try to get to Bush. They want to keep this crap going until 08. It is all about power they don't care if they sell out America to the enemy every day to do it. IF HE had actually intentionally done anything wrong he would have taken the 5th . He tried to be open and honest and look where it got him. Pathetic Dems are wasting a majority on endless partisan politics.

  • How many years did Bill Clinton get for Adultery and Perjury?

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