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Cure for cancer = Nobel prize?

If someone found the Cure for cancer wouldn't they definetley get the Nobel Peace prize?

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    No. They will get Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine, Physics or Chemistry.

    Several medical scientists received Nobel prizes for their poineering effort for the cure of cancer.

    Otto Warberg.(1931) "for his discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme"

    Dr. E Donnall Thomas- Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine (1990)

    Peyton Rous (1966) "for his discovery of tumour-inducing viruses"

    Charles Brenton Huggins (1966) "for his discoveries concerning hormonal treatment of prostatic cancer"

    "for his pioneering work on bone marrow transplantation"

    J. Michael Bishop & Harold E. Varmus (1989) "for their discovery of the cellular origin of retroviral oncogenes"

    Dr. Lee Hartwell, R. Timothy (Tim) Hunt & Sir Paul M. Nurse

    Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine (2001)

    "for his discoveries on regulation of the cell cycle"

    Sydney Brenner, H. Robert Horvitz & John E. Sulston (2002) "for their discoveries concerning 'genetic regulation of organ development and programmed cell death'"

    Linda Buck- Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine (2004)

    "for her discoveries of odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system"

    The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2005 jointly to

    Barry J. Marshall and J. Robin Warren

    for their discovery of "the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease"

    Andrew Z. Fire & Craig C. Mello (2006) "for their discovery of RNA interference - gene silencing by double-stranded RNA"

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    4 years ago

    they might easily need to win the Nobel Peace Prize.......and then some!! regrettably, i'm between the persons who believes they have already got here across a treatment for many cancers and it hasn't been made public or attainable. do somewhat diagnosis into that and you'd be surprised at what you come across out! there is enormous enormous money in maximum cancers and we would see circumstances the place particular drugs or remedies reason remissions yet i do no longer think of we are able to ever see a treatment. i think of that's interior an identical class as being saved interior the ineffective of night approximately U.F.O.s There are some issues that the powers that be do exactly no longer want us to have/understand. observe: i'm no longer in user-friendly terms a pessimistic, unfavorable person! My husband died from maximum cancers and it replaced into for the duration of the path of his ailment that I did study.

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    I don't need awards in my mission.


    Like this one.

    Only the sick should benefit.

    Say No to ALL DRUGS.

    Say No to ALL SURGERY.

    All Cancers are the Same.

    All Cancers are Cureable.

    This is my May 2007 Cancer Cure Protocol.

    Spread the word and cure your friends and family.

    If you want to give me a nobel prize, go do it and publicize this cure information so that we can heal the whole world.

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    There are many kinds of cancer caused by different things and they are all going to take different cures. If someone found a miracle cure that killed all kinds of cancer, then yes, but I doubt that will happen.

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    Certainly, I believe the cure for cancer would warrant the Nobel Prize. But I do not beleive that there ever will be a single cure other than prevention. As most of you know by now, viruses cause cancer and some of these are embedded in our very genome.

    The understanding of the relationship between viruses and cancer is actually the culmination of seven years of intensive medical study and the reason why my book has not been written...yet. I have been waiting for the "punch line" and this is we actually reap what we sow in our physical lives.

    All it takes is a brief review of virology and what these little guys do in nature...which is vital to the creation and its moment-by-moment operation...and then we can see the truth about why it has all gone wrong. Am I over-dramatizing? I don't think so.

    Simply put, viruses were made to adapt. They also are integral in the variation we see in nature. The other essential piece of information you need is how they incorporate their genetic information into ours. Once again, it is a scientific FACT that we have more viral information in our double stranded DNA than we do genes. Wow! Does that answer much.

    So, do the genes that code for your eye color or the fact that you have two arms, two legs, one liver, and one nose suddenly mutate and give you a "genetic" disease? No, it is the viruses embedded in that DNA that do this. They have been there for generations and new ones are added with each generation. The acquisition of viruses was meant for help us to adapt to our ever-changing environment. So, we should really thank someone who gives us a virus, shouldn't we? If we were optimally healthy, we would acquire the guy and get on with our healthy lives.

    BUT, because of what we have done to ourselves, the environment, and the animals that harbor many of these viruses, some of the viruses have become "virulent". Yes, they have been FORCED into adapting into something stronger because of what we have done. Once again, we reap what we sow.

    Then, as we become more and more unhealthy while continuing to challenge our viral inhabitants with lectins, chemicals, pollution and "carcinogens", we reach critical mass. Our immune system IS the governor of this situation and is constantly trying to control this situation. We have all heard it said that we are fighting cancer at every moment of every day. Yep. So, what happens when we "assassinate our governor" by doing what we do??? Yes, the poor nutrition, malabsorption syndromes caused by the "big 4" food intolerances, the lack of sleep, the chemicals, and more are ALL bullets that were firing away at our governor. Once again, we reap what we sow.

    With an ineffective, bullet-riddled governor and the continuation of the virus-challenging process, we lose our grip while the viruses are forced to adapt into something more powerful just to survive (which again is what they were charged with from the all costs...even to our detriment if it came to that).

    Think of them as little robots. Well hey...look at them. Most of them LOOK like little robots. Have you seen them? They have a head that looks like the geodesic dome of the Epcot center. They have legs like a lunar lander and are very mechanical looking. So, the analogy is most accurate. Are they living or not? A great debate rages on about this. I think they have to be, just not by the standards that we normally use for "living". Think of them as androids. Yeah, that's it.

    And yes, once backed into a corner, they play their ultimate card- to induce a tumor that protects them and the cells in which they reside....a fortress that walls itself off from these continued challenges. I used to think they were trying to escape the immune system. Now I know better.

    And, does a single tumor in a lung lobe or lymph node kill anyone? Hmmm... How about the drugs and radiation designed to kill that tumor? Hmmm...again. Oh oh. And what's more, what does a virus feel forced into doing if its new cocoon is threatened? MOVE, right? Yes, that is called metastasis. So simple, so clear...right?

    Question: Would cancer resolve IF we did enough right by stopping what we are doing that is driving these viruses crazy? We know we can prevent cancer by doing these things, right? (Unfortunately, it is more appropriately put that we can accelerate cancer by doing enough bad things. )

    But could we take a person who has cancer (or any chronic viral disease), move them to a pristine location, feed them perfectly, give them unpolluted water, and alter their lifestyle so that they sleep well and get plenty of exercise and have that cancer or condition resolve? I believe the answer is a resounding YES, YES, YES. There is plenty of evidence of this. We hear stories of people curing themselves of cancer, MS, and other serious conditions and dismiss them because we simply don't believe that we can recover from such things. What an attitude, eh? Where did that come from anyway? When did we lose faith in this miraculous body? And when did we start the process of literally handcuffing its attempts to heal itself by taking all of this symptomatic medication (e.g NSAIDS to reduce fevers caused by viruses)??? I know when and it fits like a glove into man's history.

    I no longer put any limitations on what this body can do, only one what WE can do for our body. Does that pristine environment exist? Can we eat perfectly with what we have done to our food supply? The good news is that we don't necessarily have to be perfect. The absolute worst of the worst do, unfortunately. But everything I have learned about medicine in the past 6 years screams at me that we are made to recover. We just start too late and rarely do enough right? But once we see that disease is a "spectrum disorder", with its victims ranging from the "best of the best" to the "worst of the worst", we can easily see why some people get better with "holistic" treatment and others do not. Have those that don't done enough right...yet???

    So, what IS the cure for cancer? Does the answer lie in the laboratory? Is it hidden in the jungles of South America? OR does it lie within us all? I think we all really know the answer to this one now, don't we? And once again.............................How cool is that?

    I hope this helps,


    John B. Symes, D.V.M. ("Dogtor J")

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  • 1 decade ago

    may be yes and may be no!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You would hope so.

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