what is going on in jerusalem today?

like what are the problems that they are facing , whether social, economic or political, both old and new all the way from the 1967 war to today

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    Jerusalem today is a large metropolitan city, so it has the usual social, economic and political problems that big cities have. Add to that the constant threat of terrorist attacks, which requires a large police and military presence.

    The biggest issue at hand is the Palestinians' demand that East Jerusalem (which is mostly inhabited by Muslim and Christian Arabs) be given to them as a capital for their future state. Israel considers Jerusalem to be the eternal, undivided capital of the Jewish people, so both sides have very little room for compromise.

    Despite all that, Jerusalem is home to thousands of people, and attracts lots of tourists each year. It houses the Israeli Knesset (Parliament), and is Israel's capital.

    You can search the Israeli government website to find out more:


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    should be little going on as it is the Sabbath

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