steam coming from my engine?????

ok I havent long passed my test so I dont really know anything about cars.

I bought a fait punto second hand, test drove it it was fine. got home it had no water so I put the right amount of water in.

yesterday I drove it places it was fine but today it kept cutting out (but I could of been stalling so I cant say that) when I drive it it sounds like the accsellorater is making a tapping wierd noise. then I load of white smoke came out of my exorce pipe (sorry about spelling) that finally stopped now white smoke is coming from under my bonnet.... does anyone no whats wrong. I am planning on taking it to a garage but will probaly cost me a fortune. I cant even ask for my money back because it was bought second hand off a person.

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    Problem is blown head gasket. Tell tale sign of this is steam coming out of the exhaust. This will mean that the top half of the engine will need to be stripped, a new gasket fitted, cylinder head skimmed, and the whole lot put together again. You will need to take it to a mechanic, because if you don't, it will only get worse. If you seriously overheat the engine, you will be up for a new one. It will be off the road for a few days, but this repair is fairly straightforward. It will cost a bit to fix, but is cheaper than replacing the engine.

    Learn a lesson from this. Next time you buy a second hand car, take someone with you that knows about cars, or get it professionally checked out. It saves a lot of problems later on.

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    Sorry to hear about that. Water disappearing, white smoke, and steam are all classic signs of a blown head gasket, which is a fairly involved thing to repair. The head gasket, among other things, is supposed to keep the water in the cooling system from getting into the rest of the engine, so if it leaks the water will often get into the cylinders and boil off. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible as it can cause more damage.

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    It sounds like a radiator leak caused you to loose water, the engine overheated (the loud tapping was the valves saying "Stop or I'll shoot!") and by continuing on you have fried it. It will cost money.

    In the future, odd noises mean stop. Out of water means a leak must be found. Oil and oil filter is changed at 2500 mi. All fluid levels are checked weekly. Get a basic car book and read it - many women know cars well. What you did not know is costing you.

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    It could be bad. Brace yourself for a new head gasket... if thats all. Do not drive the car anymore, you could do more damage! Have a good quality mechanic do the work, he / she will cost a little more. The money spent will be worth it in the long run. Also, a good mechanic will advise you of your options before doing the work... this is important because you may decide it will not be worth repair. If so, talk with the mechanic to see if they know somebody who may be intrested in buying the car or can help you sell it. Good luck, maybe it won't be that bad. Without looking... it's impossible to say.

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    Well unfortunately it sounds like you have a blown head gasket, this will require a mechanics service and it could be expensive around $300usd

    you might have had a leak in the cooling system and filled it once it was too late.

    Best thing to do is have a mechanically inclined friend help you with this problem or get it to your trusted mechanic...

    Best wishes!


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    You dfinitely have a blown hose,Head gasket or cracked head I would find a shop that will give you a free estimate and take another person with you ,then I would take it back to the guy and show him the estimate. Maybe he will pay for it or split it with you? I once bought a truck and the motor was bad it came from a car lot and by law they had to give my money backwithin 7 days I could have said I changed my mind and they still had to refund the money. false representation when the car was sold to you has got to account for somehing.take it to a used car lot tell them what happened and maybe they will tell you what your options are.


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    it is acooling system problem of some kind most likely a leak. the steam out of tail pie could mean a head gasket.take it to the shop have them check the car out and make arepair cost estimate do not allow any repair work until you get the estimate then discuss options with some one that can give you good advice

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    Take it back to the guy..

    It is a junker.

    take the next one for a longer ride, and to a mechanic to have it looked at.

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    i would ask the guy you bought it from if he knows what it could be.sounds bad,get a few oppinions before you spend a fortune

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    sounds like a coolant leak. Take it to a shop and have it looked at.

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