How good is BAHRIA UNIVERSITY (Pakistan) for bachelors in telecommunication engineering.?

This university is administered by PAKISTAN NAVY and it is federally chatered and HEC (Higher Education Commission) Pakistan with President of Pakistan as it's chancellor.It is also recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council.Bahria University was established through the Presidential Ordinance No. V of 2000.

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    do you think accreditations are enough? I am in karachi and i preferred sir syed university over bahria for electronics. some might think i've gone nuts but graduates and employees at various firms tell that ssuet students fare well in the job market than NED grads do!

    telecom is still relatively a new field and many universities are trying to get in the arena too (FAST-NU, NED, NUST, COMSATS and many other) and how good is which university is generally determined by the amount of grads the market accepts - right? and for now we only have got one batch of telecom engineers out of ned and they did well (they were only 20 students!!)

    at this point in time, ned is the pioneer in telecom engg since it is the only univ with a graduated batch. how good is bahria and how good is fast? well time will be the best judge.

    but for the time being... i'd say bahria wont be a bad choice! =D

  • 1 decade ago

    You're welcome in Bahria. But it's BS in TE ain't recognized by PEC yet.

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