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Sid Meier Civilization III?

hey, i borrowed a CD from my friend for my young cousin, however after much analysis of the game.. I can't seem to understand some parts of it.. So i was hoping that you people can help me so that i can help my cuz. First and foremost, how do i harvest wheat, fish, gold(bonus resources) i build mines, road or irrigate them but they are still there??? whats up with that also some of my cities are having starvation problems and i dont know what to do. Also, how do i advance to the next age. Its all confusing. Please help me, also dont call me a noob just because i dont understand it but your replies will greatly be appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    One of the greatest games. You don't harvest the stuff, by building the right mine,farm,road, irrigation on the square it does it by itself. For starvation, link an irrigation system up to the tiles around your home. You have to irrigate land next to water, until you learn the trait to irrigate anywhere, and keep irrigating a line of tiles leading to your city. It gives like +1 food for an irrigated tile I think. Since I started playing World of Warcraft I don't get this game out much. You advance to next age automaticly. Also, don't rush to build up your cites to quick or you do run into starvation problems. You can click on the city and see how much food is needed to run it. If you have a population of 6 and can support 5, turn one into an entertainer or something to lower your population. It is a ver addicting game and has been called the king of "OK, just one more turn" games.

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