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Starbucks store manager trainee








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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. after 9-nth training, if u pass the final presentation and assessment, u will promote to assistant manager. at that level, the salary must be different from managment trainee. it is higher. for how much is the increasing, i still don;t kwno. but i can tell u that the salary of Starbucks' MT is quite high as $10K compared to the other fast food restaurant. btw, it is a company respect ppl much.

    2. besides salary, you can get free partner's drink every day, have 14days for annual leave, enjoy discount on any maxim's fast food shops/ restaurants, see certain private doctor in very low price, have some function, get the delight and surpirse, ...

    3. annual leave is 14 days with labour holidays too.

    4. everyday, u need to work for 9hr, 15min. there are 45min mealtime and two 10min break. u have to work 6days per week in shift time and shifted weekly schedule.

    have u applied the EMT program yet?? joined the career forum and take the written test??

    pls tell me.

    Source(s): 2006-2007 Starbucks EMT
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