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其實清除cookies= cookies姐係咩黎??


thank you!

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  • ho
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    1 decade ago
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    Microsoft 網站有解釋過. 簡單黎講 Cookies 係記下網站某些資料, 舉例你 login 去 yahoo , 當記底左你 login 過的資料時, 下次可能唔駛打多次. 請除 Cookies 即係清除內存相關網站資料.


    What are cookies used for?

    Websites use cookies to offer a personalized experience to users and to gather information about website use. Many websites also use cookies to store information that provides a consistent experience between sections of the site, such as a shopping cart or customized pages. With a trusted website, cookies can enrich your experience by allowing the site to learn your preferences or allowing you to skip having to sign in every time you go to the website. However, some cookies, such as those saved by banner ads, might put your privacy at risk by tracking sites you visit.

    Where are cookies stored?

    Cookies are stored is in a folder named Cookies which is stored inside the Documents and Settings folder. By default, the path is C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Cookies.

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